John J. McGuire

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John J. McGuire
Born John Joseph McGuire
August 25, 1917
Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States
Died August 1, 1981(1981-08-01) (aged 63)
United States
Occupation Author
Nationality American
Genre Science fiction

John Joseph McGuire (August 25, 1917; Altoona, Pennsylvania – August 1, 1981) was an American author of science fiction.[1]

He usually wrote with H. Beam Piper.

Selected works[edit]

Lone Star Planet was originally published in the March 1957 issue of Fantastic Universe


  • "Hunter Patrol" (Amazing May 1959)
  • "The Return" (Astounding January 1954) Note: an expanded version of this story can be found in "The Science Fictional Sherlock Holmes" (Council of Four, 1960)
  • "The Queen's Messenger" (Astounding May 1957)
  • "To Catch an Alien" in Star Science Fiction #6 (Ballantine Books 1959)
  • "Take The Reason Prisoner" (Analog November 1963)
  • "Testing" (Fantastic Stories June 1964)


  • Null-ABC (Astounding February and March 1953) Note: also published as "Crisis in 2140" (Ace 1957)
  • Lone Star Planet (Fantastic Universe March 1957) Note: also published as "A Planet for Texans" (Ace 1958)


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