John Joseph Hogan

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John Joseph Hogan
Bishop John Joseph Hogan.jpg
Born(1829-05-10)May 10, 1829
DiedFebruary 21, 1913(1913-02-21) (aged 83)

Bishop John Joseph Hogan (May 10, 1829 – February 21, 1913) was a Catholic priest and missionary in Missouri in the American Civil War era. He was the first Bishop of the Dioceses of Saint Joseph, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri.


Hogan was born in Bruff, County Limerick, Ireland, and he came to the United States in 1847.[1] He settled in St. Louis, Missouri, where he attended seminary, and was ordained Priest of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis on April 10, 1852.[2]

Priestly career[edit]

He was a missionary to slaves in Potosi and Old Mines, Washington County, Missouri in 1852 and 1853. He was priest at Saint John Apostle and Evangelist church and founded Saint Michael's parish, both in the City of St. Louis, Missouri. In 1857, he started a series of missions in outstate Missouri, ministering mainly to transient Irish railroad workers and Catholic settlers. He ministered primarily in Chillicothe, Macon City, Brookfield, Mexico, and Cameron, Missouri. In 1859 he started a settlement of Irish in southern Missouri, which was wiped out during the American Civil War; this deserted area is now called the Irish Wilderness. The northern Missouri missions suffered greatly during the war, not due to military battles, but by attacks of bushwackers and guerillas. The public school system collapsed during the war, and Father Hogan set up a school for two years. After the war, Father Hogan was arrested for failing to take the Ironclad oath, a requirement of the Radical Missouri constitution of 1865; this provision was later declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Episcopal History[edit]

Hogan was appointed as the head of the newly erected Diocese of Saint Joseph on March 3, 1868, and was consecrated Bishop by Archbishop Peter Richard Kenrick of Saint Louis on September 13, 1868. He was appointed Bishop of the newly erected Diocese of Kansas City on September 10, 1880, while remaining Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Saint Joseph. He resigned from administration of Saint Joseph on June 19, 1893. He died February 21, 1913.

Places named for John Joseph Hogan[edit]


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