John K. Snyder III

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John K. Snyder III
Area(s) Writer, Artist
Notable works
Grendel, Fashion In Action, Doctor Mid-Nite, Suicide Squad, The Prowler
Not related to the Louisiana politician John K. Snyder

John K. Snyder, III,[1] is a writer and illustrator of comic books and graphic novels. His work has been published in the pages of the underground press (most notably The Duckberg Times), by independent comic book publishers, and by DC Comics (e.g., Green Lantern, Doctor Mid-Nite).

Snyder wrote and drew his first project, Fashion in Action, published by Eclipse Comics in 1987. During this time he began to illustrate covers for books such as Comico's Jonny Quest comic series. He went on to work with Timothy Truman on The Prowler (also for Eclipse Comics). Snyder gained notoriety shortly thereafter with his work illustrating Matt Wagner's Grendel series (issues #24-33). During this time, Snyder also illustrated DC Comics' Suicide Squad. It was shortly after Snyder's completion of the Suicide Squad run that he did Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Joseph Conrad's Secret Agent for First Comics and Berkeley Books.

Snyder continues to produce comic book covers and illustrate limited series, single issues, and other pieces. He re-created (along with writer Matt Wagner) the character of Doctor Mid-Nite for DC Comics. His most current illustration project was the covers for the graphic novel adaptation of Harlan Ellison's "PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES" for IDW.

Snyder was a 1989 Eisner Award nominee, in the category of Best Art Team.[2]

Snyder has also illustrated cards for Last Unicorn Games' collectible card game Heresy: Kingdom Come.[3]


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