John Kelly (NYPD Blue)

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John Kelly
NYPD Blue character
David Caruso as Det. John Kelly with Amy Brenneman as Janice Licalsi
First appearance"Pilot"
Last appearance"Dead and Gone"
Portrayed byDavid Caruso
Full nameJohn Bradley Kelly
OccupationNYPD Detective
FamilyJohn Kelly Sr (father, deceased)

John Kelly is a fictional character in the television series NYPD Blue, portrayed by David Caruso. The character appeared in the first season and the first four episodes of the second season.

An Irish-American who was promoted to the rank of detective at the relatively early age of 28, Kelly was a brilliant and oft-smoldering cop, whose father was a heroic cop who was murdered in the line of duty. John Kelly Sr. was a member of the previously Irish American-dominated police department who according to fellow officer Jack Hanlon[1] would have made Chief of Detectives had he not been killed. Kelly always managed to stay just on the right side of the law, usually keeping his hotter headed partner Andy Sipowicz under control. This changed when he became involved with a uniformed cop, Janice Licalsi, who murdered a mob boss named Angelo Marino who had ordered her to kill Kelly. Licalsi did this as her father, also a cop, was on the payroll of the mob boss and she was trying to protect him.

Eventually Licalsi was investigated and Kelly allowed her to destroy evidence that would have pointed to her involvement in the murder. After Licalsi confessed to killing Marino (and his bodyguard) she was tried and sentenced to two years in jail for manslaughter, but was only likely to serve six months--she and Kelly had become a couple again, and parted with the understanding that they would try for a life together. It became evident to Kelly that he had no future in the job as internal affairs came after him for his role in trying to help Licalsi and his testimony on her behalf. IAB could not find any hard evidence to end his career with, but Captain Haverill, an opponent of the 15th's detective squad commander, Lieutenant Arthur Fancy, had provoked Kelly into an act of insubordination and had demoted him to radio dispatch work until IAB could "find" the means to end his career. Kelly refused to accept this and resigned from the force. He was last heard to be acting as a bodyguard and security expert, and was not able to attend Andy Sipowicz's wedding because he was working in India. Fancy was not pleased to see Kelly's career end via Haverill and would later force Haverill's retirement with an incriminating tape recording.

Kelly was married to Laura Michaels, a lawyer played by Sherry Stringfield. The couple were divorced during his time on the show although they continued to have sex for a while until they both decided they were falling into old patterns which they didn't wish to repeat. He also acted as a sort of mentor to James Martinez, a young cop in anti-crime whom he partnered for a while when Sipowicz was on probation.