John Kettley Is a Weatherman

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"John Kettley Is a Weatherman"
Single by A Tribe of Toffs
Songwriter(s)Stephen Cousins, Andrew Stephenson and Phil Rodgers

"John Kettley Is a Weatherman" is a 1988 novelty record by the band A Tribe of Toffs, from Sunderland, UK. The song peaked at 21 in the UK Singles Chart.

The John Kettley referred to in the title is a British weatherman, who at the time presented national forecasts on BBC Television.[1]

The track was played on BBC Children's TV after being discovered by researcher Jane Louise who, on picking the single at random from the post bag commented that the 'kids would love this one'.

Celebrities name-checked in the song[edit]

TV weather forecasters:

Other celebrities:


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