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John King, also known as "King Gizmo", is a music producer and one-half of the Los Angeles-based duo the Dust Brothers.[1] As the Dust Brothers, King and Michael "E.Z. Mike" Simpson were noted for their dense sample-based music, notably on the Beastie Boys' 1989 album Paul's Boutique, and later in 1996 with Beck's Odelay.

King teamed with Medeski Martin & Wood to create their 2004 album End of the World Party (Just in Case).

He has also worked with Tenacious D. The Dust Brothers produced their 2002 release, D Fun Pak, and King would return to produce the band's follow-up and soundtrack to their 2006 film, The Pick of Destiny, for which he also wrote the instrumental score.

In 2007, King was nominated for an Annie Award (the highest honor given for excellence in animation) for Best Music in an Animated Television Production for his work on the Shorty McShorts' Shorts “Boyz on Da Run” (created by Rob Reger and Brian Brooks)– Walt Disney Television Animation

In 2008, King received a Grammy for his production and mixing work on Steve Earle's album Washington Square Serenade, which was awarded Best Contemporary Folk / Americana album.


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