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John Klass (born February 16, 1970 in Singapore) is a Triple-platinum award-winning singer/producer/songwriter/radio presenter.


John Klass has been in the entertainment scene since 1991.

His distinct & resonant voice can be heard on TV station trailers to commercials on both TV & radio, and as a Master-of-Ceremony Klass has hosted TV shows, concerts to dinner shows.

As singer-songwriter, John first got public attention as lead singer with the group KICK! (Winner for Best Local Group! & Best local song “Jane” in the Music Awards 1994). The group performed in front of capacity crowds of 40,000 to 60,000 people in Kuala Lumpur & Malacca respectively.

As a soloist, wrote & produced the soundtrack of The Teenage Textbook Movie. He scored a string of No.1 songs on the airplay charts across Singapore including an update of the ABBA classic "Honey Honey", a duet with a popular local TV actress Jamie Yeo.

In 1995, John starred in Singapore’s first English Drama Series Masters Of The Sea, a soap opera developed by American producer and developer of prime-time soap operas, such as Falcon Crest and Dallas, Joanne Brough. This was the first English-language drama on Asian television.

In 1997, he represented Singapore to sing in the ASEAN Song Festival.

In 2000, John picked up an award for Best Local Song (Falling In Love) at the Radio Music Awards.

In 2002, John released a single recorded in London by producer Richard Niles, whose credit lines include Sir Paul McCartney, Westlife and Mariah Carey. The song "Believing In Fergie’s Fighters" and is a tribute to the undying spirit of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United.

In 2003, John was commissioned by Red Cross Society to write/produce a national tribute song to the doctors and nurses who put their own lives on the line to save the lives of the sufferers of the deadly SARS virus. The tribute song “Thru Your Eyes” went triple platinum in Singapore and was featured on the BBC World Service and ITV news.

John has starred in many Television programmes & hosted the Kids entertainment pop TV show OK! He also wrote all the original songs for 2 seasons of KIDS POP Show OK! which was such a hit that he then went on to write, sing & produce over 200 kids songs for the popular kids TV show “In Our House”

In 2006, John set up KLASS INTERNATIONAL with his wife Valerie. which gave birth to the brand iPOP (i Prepare Opportunities to Present you). iPOP's key mission is to nurture, manage & export Asian talent/content into the international market through iPOP's Digital Media Centre & other various initiatives with Klass International's partners.

In May 2013, he replaced DJ Jeremy Ratnam on the evening drive home on Kiss 92FM [1] after a 15-year break from hosting radio shows. His show has now become the number 1 drive home show in Singapore.[2] In addition, he also helms the evening-nighttime belt during Weekends on Kiss 92.


  • Freedom in Me (KICK!)
  • Jane (KICK!)
  • Chains of Pain (KICK!)
  • Its now or Never (KICK!)
  • Falling in Love
  • When things seem so wrong
  • Honey Honey
  • Believing in Fergie's Fighters
  • Shame Shame Shame
  • Funk it Up
  • Heaven Knows
  • Sins
  • Under the Moon
  • Citizens


  • Vocals
  • Keyboards
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums


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