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John Kusiak (born July 20, 1948) is an American composer best known for his work with documentary filmmaker Errol Morris. He won the 2012 Cinema Eye Honors Award for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Score for Morris' Tabloid.[1] Kusiak has composed music for live performance, commercials, and museum installations as well as film and television. He began scoring films for Boston-based Northern Light Productions in the 1980s while he was a touring rock and roll guitarist, and founded the studio Kusiak Music in 1992. He lives in Arlington, Massachusetts.[2]

Work Process[edit]

Although his first instrument is guitar, he primarily composes film scores on piano.[2] In an essay about scoring The Singing Revolution (a documentary about Estonian resistance during World War II), Kusiak writes that his "empathetic response to the events depicted" provided the foundation for his work process.[3]

Selected credits[edit]


  • Monhegan Suite and Other Musical Journeys (2013)
  • Tabloid (2011)
  • Errol Morris' First Person (Music from Season Two) (2005)
  • Errol Morris' First Person (Music from Season One) (2005)
  • Apokalypsis (2003)


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