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John Langdon Parsons (28 April 1837 – 21 August 1903),[1] generally referred to as "J. Langdon Parsons", was a Cornish Australian politician, the 5th Government Resident of the Northern Territory, 1884-1890.[2]


Parsons was born on 28 April 1837 at Botathan near Launceston, Cornwall. Member of the South Australian House of Assembly for Encounter Bay, 1878 to 1881, and North Adelaide 1881 to 1884, Minister of education from 1881-84.[1] When a separate electoral district was created for the Territory in 1890, Parsons was elected, with Vaiben Louis Solomon as his colleague, and he was appointed the first Minister for the Northern Territory, serving from 1890 to 1893.

He was instrumental in the development of railways in the Territory, and he also recognised Aboriginal land rights. Parsons was consul for Japan from 1896-1903. Member for the Central district in the South Australian Legislative Council, 1901-1903 as a National Defence League member.[3]

His son was the politician and judge Sir Herbert Angas Parsons.


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