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John Lo Mar
Occupation Film director, screenwriter and actor
Years active 1957–1983

John Lo Mar, also known as Lo Mar, was a Hong Kong film director and screenwriter best known for his films of the 1970s.

Film career[edit]

He began as an actor in the late 1950s, appearing in films such as The Lady Of Mystery (1957), The Black Fox (1962), The Love Eterne (1963) and The Empress Wu Tse-Tien (1963). His debut film, The Lady of Mystery was produced by Runde Shaw, and Law was cast alongside actors such as Lee Tiu, Li Xianglan and Zhao Lei.

He wrote the script for the 1961 film The Search Of Loved One but by 1968 he had moved into directing and writing, directing his first film in this year entitled A Time for Reunion , a film which starred Alan Tang who would feature in many of his later films in the 1970s.

In the 1970s, John began working under the renowned Hong Kong film studios, Shaw Studio, responsible for producing many of Hong Kong's classic martial arts film during this period. In 1976 John directed and wrote the script for The Girlie Bar, an adult film oriented drama featuring Chan Ping, Yau Fung, Lin Chen Chi and James Nam and Tony Liu. Similarly his film later that year Bruce Lee and I starred Betty Ting, Danny Lee, Yuen Cheung and Tony Liu. His 1977 romance film Orchid In The Rain, which also starred frequent star in his films, Alan Tang, Brigitte Lin also pushed boundaries in terms of intimacy on screen. He would however, direct several kung fu films, notably in 1979 the films Monkey Kung Fu and Five Super Fighters, and Boxer From The Temple in 1981. Boxer From The Temple was to be his last film as a director and under Shaw Studios and his career would come to an end in the film industry.


  • The Lady Of Mystery (1957) -Actor
  • The Search Of Loved One (1961) -Writer
  • The Black Fox (1962) -Actor
  • The Love Eterne (1963) -Actor
  • The Empress Wu Tse-Tien (1963) - Actor
  • A Time for Reunion (1968) Director and Writer
  • Red Light, Green Light (1969) -Director
  • Miss Not Home (1970) -Director and Writer
  • Money and I (1971) -Director and Writer
  • Maria (1971) -Director, -Writer
  • Bus Stop (1971) Director, -Writer
  • Black List (1972) Director, -Writer
  • Tiger (1973) Director, -Writer
  • Black Guide (1973) -Director and Writer
  • Back Street (1973) -Director
  • The Crazy Bumpkins (1974) -Director
  • Thief Of Thieves (1975)- Director
  • Return Of The Crazy Bumpkin (1975)- Director
  • The Happy Trio (1975) -Director
  • The Girlie Bar (1976) -Director, Original Story
  • Crazy Bumpkin In Singapore (1976) -Director
  • Bruce Lee And I (1976) -Director and Lyricist
  • Big Times For The Crazy Bumpkins (1976) -Director and Writer
  • Orchid In The Rain (1977) -Director
  • Forever and Ever (1977) -Director
  • To Love Or Not To Love (1978) -Director
  • The Chase (1978) -Director
  • Monkey Kung Fu (1979) -Director and Writer
  • Five Super Fighters (1979) -Director
  • Busting Prostitution Rackets (1979) -Director
  • Young Outcasts (1980) -Director
  • Boxer From The Temple (1981) -Director
  • The Black Sheep (1983) -Writer

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