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John Leavy
Teams managed
Years Team
1922–1926 PSV

John Leavy was an English football manager. He coached Dutch club side PSV Eindhoven between 1922 and 1926.[1] After his appointment as manager, PSV played in the 1e Klasse Zuid (the highest league for teams in South Netherlands) for three seasons. After finishing tenth in 1923 and sixth in 1924, PSV were relegated in Leavy's third season after finishing last.[2][3][4] The 1925-26 season in the 2e Klasse B was won, which meant that PSV were promoted back to the 1e Klasse Zuid after one year.[5] Leavy left PSV in 1926 after being four seasons in charge.[1]

Awards and honours[edit]


PSV Eindhoven
  • 2e Klasse B (1): 1925/26


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