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Leffler won the 1973 TAA Formula Ford Driver to Europe Series driving a Bowin P4a and a Bowin P6F (pictured)
Leffler, pictured on the right with Allan Grice, in 1978
Bowin P8, driven by John Leffler

John Leffler is a former Australian racing driver. Leffler is best known for driving open-wheelers and winning the Australian Drivers' Championship in 1976.

Leffler drove Morris Coopers for many years in the 1960s. He finished second in the 1969 Rothmans 12 Hour Classic at Surfers Paradise driving a Morris Cooper S

In the early 1970s he turned his hand to Formula Ford racing a Bowin P6F in which he won the 1973 TAA Formula Ford Driver to Europe Series. In 1974 he contested the Australian Formula 2 Championship and finished third.

In 1975 Leffler stepped up to the Australian Drivers' Championship (the "Gold Star") and driving a Bowin P8 Chevrolet finished fifth in the series. The following year he secured the 1976 Australian Drivers' Championship title in a Lola T400 with a string of consistent placings but without actually winning a round.

Leffler also co-drove for some of the leading Australian touring car drivers in endurance events. He co-drove with Bob Morris at the 1974 Sandown 250 finishing second in a Ron Hodgson Motors Holden Torana GTR XU-1 and at the 1978 Bathurst 1000 he came second with Allan Grice in a Craven Mild Racing Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback.

Career results[edit]

Season Championship / Series Position Car Entrant
1972 TAA Formula Ford Driver to Europe Series 2nd [1] Bowin P4A [1] Ford Grace Bros. Race Team [1]
1973 Australian Drivers' Championship 12th Elfin MR5 Repco Holden
1973 TAA Formula Ford Driver to Europe Series 1st Bowin P4a Ford
Bowin P6F Ford
Grace Bros Race Team
1974 Australian Drivers' Championship 6th Bowin P8 Ford Grace Bros. Levi’s Racing Team
1974 Australian Formula 2 Championship 3rd Bowin P8 Ford Grace Bros. - Levi's Team
1975 Australian Drivers' Championship 5th Bowin P8 Chevrolet Grace Brothers Levi’s
1975 Australian Formula 2 Championship 10th Brabham BT36 Ford
1976 Australian Drivers' Championship 1st Lola T400 Chevrolet Grace Bros. Race Team [2]
1976 Rothmans International Series 6th [3] Lola T400 [3] Grace Bros. Racing Team [4]
1977 Rothmans International Series 8th Lola T400 Chevrolet Grace Brothers Race Team
1977 Australian Drivers' Championship 2nd Lola T400 Chevrolet
1977 Rothmans International Series 8th [3] Lola T400 [3] Grace Bros. Race Team [5]


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