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John R. Little[1] is a writer and bodybuilding advocate. A native of Canada, Little is a writer in the fields of martial arts, bodybuilding and physical conditioning.[2]


Writings on fitness[edit]

He has co-authored several books with Peter N. Sisco,[3] including Static Contraction Training, Static Contraction Training for Bodybuilders, Power Factor Training and The Golfer's Two-Minute Workout.

He then co-authored Body by Science with Doug McGuff, a Medical Doctor.

He also co-authored High-intensity training the Mike Mentzer way and other books with Mike Mentzer, known bodybuilder.

He was then the sole author of Max Contraction Training,[4] a sequel which expanded on his views on Static Contraction and Power Factor forms of training.

Scholarship on Bruce Lee's estate[edit]

John Little is considered to be one of the world's foremost authorities on Bruce Lee, his training methods and philosophies[citation needed]. Selected by the Bruce Lee estate[citation needed], Little is the only person who has ever been authorized to review the entirety of Lee's personal notes, sketches and reading annotations and to edit books on the subject of Lee's martial art and its far-reaching philosophical underpinnings.[citation needed]

He is the former Associate Publisher of Bruce Lee magazine[citation needed] and the managing editor of Knowing is Not Enough[citation needed], the official newsletter of the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, the official Bruce Lee martial arts organization.

Little's articles have appeared in many martial arts and health and fitness magazines in North America including Muscle and Fitness.[citation needed]

He is the author of The Warrior Within: The Philosophies of Bruce Lee.[5]

Probably his most notable work[citation needed] is the book The Art of Expressing the Human Body, in which he shows the results of a five-year search in Bruce Lee's notes trying to find the fighter's original bodybuilding program.[citation needed]

Advocacy of Will Durant[edit]

John Little has also devoted much effort to popularizing the works of philosopher and historian Will Durant in the 21st century. He founded and heads the Will Durant Foundation, which is an effort to keep Durant's ideas and thoughts alive in the modern era,[6] and has revived some previously unpublished writings of Durant through books like "Adventures in Philosophy" and "An Invitation to Philosophy," which feature some debates and symposiums held by Durant. John Little has also co-produced two documentaries about Durant using rare archive footage.[7]



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