John Loeffler

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John Loeffler
Born June 3, 1951
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, Director, songwriter
Years active 1959 - present
Labels Rave Music / Fieldhouse-Music

John Loeffler (sometimes credited as John Leffler or Joe Loeffler, June 3, 1951) is a songwriter and record producer, and is the CEO of Rave Music, a company which produces commercial soundtracks. He is best known for co-producing most of the music for the English adaptation of the Pokémon anime series, most notably the Pokémon Theme.[1] Loeffler also produced an album for the series called Pokémon 2.B.A. Master.

Most recently,[when?] Loeffler has started Fieldhouse Music, a record label aimed at discovering new talent for film and television. In 2016, he composed music for Genius Brands' web series SpacePOP.[2]

Prior to working on Pokémon, Loeffler has also composed music for various commercials and television shows including the sitcom Kate and Allie (which he also wrote, composed and sang the theme song), the music video show Friday Night Videos and the soap opera Another World as well writing songs for a few films including Backstreet Dreams and Night Visitor.


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