John Loraine Baldwin

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"I Zingari"
Baldwin as caricatured by Spy (Leslie Ward) in Vanity Fair, September 1895

John Loraine Baldwin (1 June 1809 – 25 November 1896) was a prominent English cricket enthusiast who was a co-founder of the I Zingari nomadic cricket club.

He was born near Halifax, Yorkshire,[1] and studied at Oxford University where he developed interests in cricket and dramatics.[2] He was a sports and games rules enthusiast, and one of the founders of I Zingari on 4 July 1845. He was also the writer of the first standardized rules for badminton in 1868, while on a visit to Badminton House,[2] and editor of "The Laws of Short Whist" of 1864. He was Warden of Tintern Abbey in 1873, and died at his home in Tintern in 1896.[1] A 'grand tomb' commemorates Baldwin in the churchyard of St Michaels, Tintern.[3]


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