John Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, 3rd Baron Acton

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John Emerich Henry Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, 3rd Baron Acton CMG MBE TD (15 December 1907 – 23 January 1989), was a British Peer. The son of The 2nd Baron Acton, he succeeded to the barony upon the death of his father.


In December 1945, Acton was appointed to the Military Division of the Order of the British Empire as a Member.[1] In February 1947, he was appointed to be a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Salop[2] but resigned his commission in November the same year because he stopped living in the county.[3] In the 1964 New Year Honours, Acton was appointed to the Order of St Michael and St George as a Companion.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Acton was a devout Catholic.[5] He was a founder and president of the multiracial National Club in Salisbury, Rhodesia.


He married Daphne Strutt (d. 2003), daughter of The 4th Baron Rayleigh, on 25 November 1931. The couple had eleven children:

  • The Honourable Pelline Margot Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (b. 24 December 1932)
  • The Honourable Charlotte Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (1934–1935)
  • The Honourable Catherine Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (b. 30 December 1939)
  • Richard Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, 4th Baron Acton (b. 30 July 1941 — d. 10 October 2010)
  • The Honourable Reverend Canon Dr John Charles Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (b. 26 January 1943 — d. 25 December 2016)
  • The Honourable Robert Peter Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (b. 23 June 1946)
  • The Honourable Jill Mary Joan Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (b. 15 June 1947)
  • Professor The Honourable Edward David Joseph Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (b. 4 February 1949)
  • The Honourable Peter Hedley Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (b. 27 March 1950)
  • The Honourable Mary Anne Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (b. 30 March 1951)
  • The Honourable Jane Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (b. 25 January 1954)

Styles of address[edit]

  • 1907–1919: The Hon. John Dalberg-Acton
  • 1919–1924: The Hon. John Lyon-Dalberg-Acton
  • 1924–1945: The Rt Hon. The Lord Acton[a]
  • 1945–1947: The Rt Hon. The Lord Acton MBE
  • 1947: The Rt Hon. The Lord Acton MBE DL[b]
  • 1947–1964: The Rt Hon. The Lord Acton MBE
  • 1964–1989: The Rt Hon. The Lord Acton CMG MBE
  1. ^ Although The Lord Acton was a baronet, by custom the post-nominal of "Bt" is omitted, as Peers of the Realm do not list subsidiary hereditary titles.
  2. ^ Although The Lord Acton was made a Deputy Lieutenant in February 1947, he resigned his commission in November the same year because he stopped living in the county.


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Peerage of the United Kingdom
Preceded by
Richard Lyon-Dalberg-Acton
Baron Acton
Succeeded by
Richard Lyon-Dalberg-Acton