John M. Faucette

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John M. Faucette
Born 1943
Died January 2003
Crown of Infinity, Ace Books 1968
The Warriors of Terra, Belmont Books

John M. Faucette (September 15, 1943–2003) was an African-American science-fiction author. He published five novels (four of them in the 1960s)[1] and one short story. At the time of his death he had seven unpublished novels in various states of completion. Two of his novels; Crown of Infinity and Age of Ruin, were published in the popular Ace Doubles series.

Faucette was born and raised in Harlem and lived there for twenty-six years. He graduated from Bronx High School of Science and majored in chemistry at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn before studying filmmaking, screenplay, and short-story writing at New York University's School of Continuing Education.[2]

Faucette died of a heart attack in 2003.

All I have ever wanted was to be a writer. Unfortunately, the editors have decreed otherwise. But 'if it doesn't kill you....' The years of rejection have forced me to walk in paths and directions I probably would not have if I'd been successful, to probe the limits of my ability and find a way past them and to look at things with an ever more critical and creative eye. The best is yet to come.[3]



  • Crown of Infinity (1968)
  • Siege of Earth (1971)
  • The Warriors of Terra (Belmont Books, 1970)
  • The Age of Ruin (1968)
  • Disco Hustle (Holloway House, 1978)
  • The Secret - AIM Magazine (1999)
  • Messenger of God - AIM Magazine (2001)
  • Pets - Artemis Magazine (2001)
  • Black Science Fiction (2002) Publisher: Macro Publishing Group (May 15, 2002) ISBN 0-7414-1004-4, 437 pages.


  • Earth Will be Avenged
  • The Gypsy Dick
  • The Tan Argus III Interstellar Chess Tournament
  • Sex Death
  • Tell My People
  • Homo Cosmos
  • The Ghettoes of Hell


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