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John MacFarlane
Other namesjgm[not verified in body]
Known forPandoc, CommonMark

John MacFarlane is an American professor of philosophy at UC Berkeley[1] interested in logic and metaphysics. He is also noted for his contributions to free software, most especially creation of the Pandoc document converter and other Markdown parsers and verifiers. MacFarlane graduated from Harvard University.[2]

His 2014 book titled Assessment Sensitivity has been extensively reviewed in philosophical journals [3] and has been the subject of a book symposium with Diana Raffman, Jason Stanley, and Crispin Wright.[4] Unusually, it has been made available as open access (as cited below).

John was among the group of people that helped launch the CommonMark standardization effort.


Books and monographs
  • MacFarlane, John (2014). Assessment sensitivity: relative truth and its applications (PDF). Oxford, United Kingdom: Clarendon Press. Retrieved 2018-12-27. open access
  • Macfarlane, John (14 April 2016). Assessment sensitivity: relative truth and its applications. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-877681-9. Paperback edition.

See also[edit]

  • Pandoc GitHub GitHub home of Pandoc project (note: GitHub username is initials "jgm")


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