John Maiben

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John Maiben
Occupation Jockey
Born February 13, 1898
Mount Pleasant, Utah
Died July 28, 1969
San Diego County, California
Major racing wins

Brooklyn Handicap (1924, 1928)
Dwyer Stakes (1924, 1927)
Gazelle Stakes (1924)
Jerome Handicap (1924, 1925)
Lawrence Realization Stakes (1924)
Manhattan Handicap (1924)
Aberdeen Stakes (1925)
Jockey Club Gold Cup (1925, 1929)
Pimlico Fall Serial #3 (1925)
Juvenile Stakes (1926)
Latonia Championship Stakes (1926)
Sanford Stakes (1926)
Scarsdale Handicap (1926)
Connaught Cup Handicap (1927, 1929)
Durham Cup Handicap (1927)
Hopeful Stakes (1927)
Jockey Club Cup Handicap (1927)
Washington Handicap (1927)
Autumn Stakes (1928)
Hawthorne Gold Cup Handicap (1928)
Breeders' Stakes (1929)
Coaching Club American Oaks (1929)
Cowdin Stakes (1929)
King Edward Gold Cup (1929)
Toronto Cup Handicap (1930)

American Classic Race wins:
Preakness Stakes (1926)
Significant horses
Display, Exterminator, Gallant Fox,
Ladkin, Sarazen, Sun Beau

John Maiben (February 13, 1898 - July 28, 1969) was "one of America's top jockeys during the 1920s" in the sport of Thoroughbred horse racing who won the 1926 Preakness Stakes, run that year as the first leg of the U.S. Triple Crown series.[1]

Maiben was a late comer to the professional jockey trade, winning his first race at age 23 in 1922 at Thorncliffe Park Raceway in Toronto, Canada. He retired from riding in 1937 but remained in the industry as a racetrack official. In 1953 he was the presiding steward at Playfair Race Course in Spokane, Washington.[2]