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John Makepeace OBE, (born 6 July 1939) is a British furniture designer and maker.

Makepeace was born in Solihull, Warwickshire. He bought Parnham House, Dorset in 1976 and founded the Parnham Trust and the School for Craftsmen in Wood (opened 19 September 1977, later to become Parnham College)[1][2][3] to provide integrated courses in design, making and management for aspiring furniture-makers, alongside but separately from his own furniture workshops.[4] One of the early students was Viscount Linley, nephew of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.[citation needed]

Makepeace ceased running the Trust in 2000 when it moved to the new campus at Hooke Park under a new director who handed the premises over to the Architectural Association, the international school of architecture, for their practical modules.[citation needed]

Makepeace sold Parnham House in 2011 to Michael and Emma Treichl, who have carried out extensive renovations.[5]

Makepeace works predominantly for private clients, but previously designed furniture for the retail market including Habitat, Heals and Liberty's.[citation needed]


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