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John Manners (27 September 1730 – 23 September 1792) was an English politician, and the eldest natural son of Lord William Manners.

In 1754, he replaced his father as Member of Parliament for Newark, which he represented until 1774.

Louisa Manners. (1821)

He married Lady Louisa Tollemache on 4 September 1765, and they had ten children, several of whom adopted the surname of Talmash or Tollemache after it became clear that their mother would inherit the earldom of Dysart:

  1. William Manners Talmash, Lord Huntingtower (1766–1833)
  2. Hon. John Manners Tollemache (died 1837)
  3. Hon. Charles Manners-Tollemache (2 January 1775 – 26 July 1850), married twice and had issue.[1]
  4. Lady Catherine Sophia Manners, or Katherine Sophia Manners (died 28 May 1825), married on 16 August 1793 as his first wife Sir Gilbert Heathcote, 4th Baronet
  5. Maria Caroline Manners (died. 20 December 1805), married on 9 September 1799 James Duff, 4th Earl Fife
  6. Louisa Grace Manners (died 19 February 1816), married on 15 August 1802 Aubrey Beauclerk, 6th Duke of St Albans
  7. Lady Laura Manners Tollemache (died 11 July 1834), married on 2 June 1808 as Miss Laura Manners, John William Henry Dalrymple, later 7th Earl of Stair (1784–1840), nullified July 1811.[2] For the subsequent history of the unfortunate Lady Laura, see "Life of Katherine Mansfield".
  8. George Manners, died young
  9. Elizabeth Louisa Manners, died young
  10. Sophia Manners, died young

His wife inherited the Tollemache estates in 1820 at the age of 75. She died in 1840.


  1. ^ His son William Tollemache was grandfather maternally of Ethel Ruth Hare who married Sir Herbert Perrott, 5th and 1st Bt.). Their descendants include the present Lord Biddulph, Lord Forester, Lord Bolton, and the Marquess of Downshire
  2. ^ The marriage was nullified because of Dalrymple's previous non-ceremonial marriage in 1804 with Johanna, daughter of Charles Gordon of Cluny, whose validity he denied. This first marriage was famously upheld by Sir William Scott in Dalyrmple v. Dalyrmple (July 1811) putting Miss Manners into a difficult position (she was neither widow nor wife nor divorced wife; she had lived effectively without wedlock with a married man). The 1804 marriage though deemed a valid marriage by the laws of Scotland, was annulled by the Court of Session, in June 1820 for reasons unknown. Laura Manners and her mother assumed the surname and arms of the ancient house of Tollemache, of which her mother was the last representative. (In 1821 presumably after their mother became Countess of Dysart, her brothers John and Charles assumed the name by a similar licenses). The 7th Earl of Stair, who succeeded his cousin in 1821, did not remarry after the annulment of his first marriage; Lady Laura Tollemache also did not remarry. See also "The Scottish Nation: Dysart", a history of the earldom, from an unknown source.


Parliament of Great Britain
Preceded by
Lord William Manners
Job Staunton Charlton
Member of Parliament for Newark
With: Job Staunton Charlton 1754–1761
Thomas Thoroton 1761–1768
John Shelley 1768–1774
Succeeded by
George Manners-Sutton
Henry Clinton