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John Marius Wilson
Bornc. 1805
Lochmaben, Scotland
Died1885 (aged 80)
Edinburgh, Scotland
OccupationWriter and editor

John Marius Wilson (c. 1805–1885) was a British writer and an editor, most notable for his gazetteers. The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales (published 1870–72), was a substantial topographical dictionary in six volumes. It was a companion to his Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, published 1854–57.

He was born in Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire in about 1805,[1] and was ordained as a Congregationalist minister, working for a time in County Galway in Ireland.[2] From the late 1840s onwards he devoted himself to writing and editing, living in Edinburgh, where he died in 1885, aged 80.[3]

Selected works[edit]

  • The Farmer's Dictionary or a cyclopedia of agriculture in all its departments, principles, methods, recent improvements and business affairs as taught and practice by the most distinguished British agriculturists of the present day. (n.d.)
  • The Rural Cyclopedia: or a general dictionary of agriculture, and of the arts, sciences, instruments, and practice, necessary to the farmer, stockfarmer, gardener, forester, landsteward, farrier, &c. (1847–49)
  • The Potato, its diseases, uses, etc. (1850)
  • A Memoir of Field-marshal, the Duke of Wellington; with interspersed notices of his principal associates in council, and companions and opponents in arms (1853–54)
  • The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland : or, Dictionary of Scottish topography 2 vols. (1854–57)
  • Landscapes of Interesting Localities mentioned in the Holy Scriptures ... (1855)
  • The Divine Architect, or The wonders of creation (1857)
  • The land of Scott; or, Tourists' guide to Abbotsford, the country of the Tweed and its tributaries, and St. Mary's loch (1858)
  • Earth, Sea, and Sky; or, The hand of God in the works of nature (1859)
  • Nelsons' hand-book to Scotland: for tourists. T. Nelson and Sons. 1860. (1860)
  • The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales; embracing recent changes in counties etc.; and forming a complete description of the country (1870–72)
  • Nature, Man, and God: a contrib. to the scientific teaching of to-day (1885)


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