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John Marshall Roberts is an American public speaker and communication strategist. He is the author of the book Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries. His articles on social psychology, empathy, sustainability and marketing have appeared in Sustainable Life Media,[1] TriplePundit,[2],[3] and CTN Green.[4]

Professional background[edit]

In 2008 Roberts published Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries[5] He has been profiled in: Business Day (New Zealand),[6] Fast Company,[7] TreeHugger,[8] HuffingtonPost,[9] EcoSalon,[10] Care2,[11] and Reality Sandwich.[12]

In 2009, Roberts founded the communication research firm, Worldview Thinking.[13] He has been hired as a communications consultant by clients including the New Zealand Department of Conservation,[14] Royal Plunket Society, EcoAlign, and Sustainable Life Media. In 2010 Roberts launched the Roberts Worldview Assessment at Sustainable Brands ’10.[15] In 2010 the Obama White House invited John to DC to deliver a change leadership seminar for government employees named after his book 2008 book "Igniting Inspiration"

In 2012 he discovered a pattern in the psychometric data gathered through the Roberts Worldview Assessment that he calls the Voice Code. According to Roberts, this equation unifies the social sciences by showing the natural laws that govern human thinking at an unconscious level. He has since made this discovery actionable for non-scientists through his book The Voice Code: Master Your Inner Game which was released in the summer of 2016 after four years of field testing.

Published works[edit]


  • ’’Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries’’[16]
  • "The Voice Code: Master Your Inner Game"[17]


Videos & Podcasts[edit]


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