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John Robinson in the procession to the annual service of the Order of the Garter

John Martin Robinson FSA (born 1948) is a British architectural historian and officer of arms.

He was born in Preston, Lancashire, and educated at Fort Augustus Abbey, a Benedictine school at Fort Augustus, the University of St Andrews (graduating MA) and then in 1970 arrived at Oriel College, Oxford, to prepare for a DPhil. He worked for the Greater London Council's Historic Buildings Division from 1974.[1]

Robinson was Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary at the College of Arms from 1982 and is now Maltravers Herald Extraordinary. In 1978 he was appointed Librarian to the Earl Marshal.[2] He was also the archivist for the Dukes of Norfolk.[3]

Robinson is also a Knight of Magistral Grace of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. He lives at Beckside House, Cumbria, and is an active member of the Georgian Group.


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