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John McCauley (1945–June 3, 1989[1]) was a National Hockey League (NHL) referee from 1966–1981. He officiated 442 regular season games and 12 playoff games. In 1979, McCauley was assaulted by a fan after a match between the NHL All-Stars and the Soviet Union and sustained a serious injury to his right eye. Although he returned to refereeing, McCauley's depth perception was never the same and he retired from refereeing two years later.[2]

After being appointed assistant Director of Officiating in June 1979,[3] McCauley was the Director of Officiating from 1986 until his death in 1989.[1] His son Wes McCauley is a current NHL referee. Wes refereed his first NHL match in 2003 and was promoted to full-time referee in 2005.[4]


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Preceded by
Wally Harris
Director of Officiating
Succeeded by
Bryan Lewis