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For other people named John McBryde, see John McBryde (disambiguation).

John McLaren McBryde (January 1, 1841 – March 20, 1923) was the fifth president of Virginia Tech serving from July 1, 1891 to September 1, 1907. McBryde was born in Abbeville, South Carolina. He entered South Carolina College in 1858 at age 17 before going on to the University of Virginia. In 1861, he returned to Abbeville where he joined the Confederate Army. McBryde was present at the opening bombardment of Fort Sumter, South Carolina. He later served as division chief of the Confederate War Tax Office in Richmond Virginia.

After the war until 1867, McBryde farmed in Buckingham County, Virginia until he moved to large farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. McBryde then went to teach at South Carolina College where he served as faculty chair and then as president from 1883–1891.[1] McBryde also served as assistant secretary of agriculture under President Grover Cleveland.

In 1907, he was named first "President Emeritus" of Virginia Tech and also received Virginia Tech's first honorary degree (Doctor of Science). He died at age 82 on March 20, 1923, in New Orleans, Louisiana.



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