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John Meaney (born 1957 in London) is a British science fiction author.


Meaney grew up in London and Slough, England with his brother Colm (who is not the same as the Star Trek actor Colm Meaney). He has studied martial arts since childhood and has a black belt in shotokan karate. Meaney originally studied at Birmingham University and holds a combined degree in Physics and Computer Science from the Open University. He has done postgraduate work at Oxford University and is a part-time IT consultant.

Writing career[edit]

Meaney's science fiction began appearing in 1992 with "Spring Rain" in the July 1992 issue of Interzone. He has published over a dozen short pieces as of 2006. His novelette "Sharp Tang" was shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Association Award in 1995. His first and second novels, To Hold Infinity and Paradox, were on the BSFA shortlists for Best Novel in 1999 and 2001. To Hold Infinity was also selected as one of the Daily Telegraph's "Books of the Year"[1] [2]. He lives in Kent with his wife Yvonne.


  • To Hold Infinity (Bantam/Transworld, 1998)

Nulapeiron Sequence[edit]

  1. Paradox (Bantam/Transworld, 2000)
  2. Context (Bantam/Transworld, 2002)
  3. Resolution (Bantam/Transworld, 2005)


  1. Bone Song (Gollancz/Orion, 2007)
  2. Dark Blood (Gollancz/Orion, 2008) - released as Black Blood in the US in 2009
  3. Tristopolis Requiem (Self published, 2018)


  1. Absorption (Gollancz/Orion, 2010)
  2. Transmission (Gollancz/Orion, 2012)
  3. Resonance (Gollancz/Orion, 2013)

Writing as Thomas Blackthorne[edit]

  1. Edge (Angry Robot, 2010)
  2. Point (Angry Robot, 2011)

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