John Meinhard VII, Count of Gorizia

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John Meinhard VII, Count of Gorizia
Spouse(s) Magdalena of Bavaria
Agnes of Pettau-Wurmberg
Noble family Meinhardiner
Father Meinhard VI of Gorizia
Mother Utehild of Mätsch
Born either 1378 or 1380
Died 22 May 1430(1430-05-22)

John Meinhard VII, Count of Gorizia (1378 or 1380 – 22 May 1430) was a member of the Meinhardiner dynasty. He was a Count Palatine of Carinthia and a Count of Kirchberg.

John Meinhard was a son of Count Meinhard VI and his second wife, Utehild, who was a daughter of Ulirch IV of Mätsch. When his father died in 1385, his elder brother Henry VI inherited Gorizia and John Meinhard VII was promised the County of Kirchberg, from the inheritance of his mother, and the position of Count Palatine in Carinthia.

Johann Meinhard VII married twice. He first married in 1404, to Magdalena of Bavaria, the daughter of the Duke Frederick "the Wise" of Bavaria. In 1422, he married his second wife; she was Agnes, a daughter of Count Bernard of Pettau-Wurmberg. No children from these two marriages are known. He was succeeded as Count of Kirchberg by his brother Henry VI.

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