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John Milligan-Whyte (born in Pasadena USA on February 17, 1952) is a businessman, lawyer and moral and political philosopher, who China’s official media refer to as the “new Edgar Snow” and the “twenty-first century Kissinger.”[1] He is the co-author of the Proposed US-China Grand Strategy Agreement Between President Hu and President Obama[2] and of books that present grand strategies required for the collaboration of civilizations and the prevention of human extinction.

John Milligan-Whyte and Dai Min

Business career[edit]

Milligan-Whyte is chairman of Whyte DaiMin Investments Limited and affiliated companies, which invest and joint venture globally with Chinese and non-Chinese companies in the toxic waste cleanup, water purification, electricity, cement, aviation, reinsurance, biomedical technology, stem cell treatment and genetic engineering industries. He advises the Provincial Government of Jilin and the cities of Tianjin and Chongqing, two of the five leading Chinese municipal governments with key roles and special economic zones directly administered by the State Council. He was named as one of China’s Top Fifty Business Leaders, and received 12,534 votes and was elected the winner of the Outstanding China Business Leaders Social Responsibility Award from the China Business Leaders’ 2010 Summit sponsored by China’s governing party’s Central Committee, the Chinese Government’s State Council Information Office, China News and Red Flag Magazine, making him the only non-Chinese recipient in the award's history.[3] In 2007 the Chairman of the World Economic Forum and Managing Editor of the Harvard Business Review selected him as a participant in the World Economic Forum’s Inaugural Meeting of New Champions.[4] From 1992 to 2008 he was Chairman of CORE Capital Ltd and an early stage investor in a securities firm, a telecommunications company and an e-commerce start up company, and was a director of currency trading software, broadcasting, WiFi, e-Smart technology, Internet, insurance, reinsurance, shipping, aircraft leasing, and hedge fund companies.[citation needed]

Reinsurance career[edit]

Milligan-Whyte is the Chairman of the Reinsurance and Finance Center, a think tank founded by Whyte DaiMin Investments Limited, that works with government entities and indigenous and international underwriting and broking companies in China's insurance and reinsurance markets. He advised and was a director of various reinsurance companies from 1984 to 2008. He was appointed Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee Advising Bermuda’s Minister of Finance on Reinsurance and Insolvency Law and a member of the Bermuda Law Reform Commission and of the United States’ National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Advisory Council Revising the United States’ Model Insurance Act. He was elected Vice Chairman of the American Bar Association’s Tort and Insurance Section, co-edited and co-authored The Law & Practice Of International Reinsurance Collections and Insolvency,[5] and published influential reinsurance articles.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21]

Legal career[edit]

From 1984 to 2008 Milligan-Whyte was a founding partner in Milligan-Whyte & Smith in Bermuda, which became a World Economic Forum member in 1992 and co-recipient of the International Financial Law Review’s Asian M&A Deal of the Year Award in 2002 for its advisory role in China Netcom’s acquisition of assets of Asia Global Crossing, the first foreign acquisition by a Chinese state owned company.[22] He created the firm's reinsurance, insolvency, venture capital, litigation, arbitration and China practices and advised governments, publicly traded and privately owned multinational companies, hedge funds, trusts, high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Journalism career[edit]

Milligan-Whyte is a co-host of, the first production of which was its world-wide exclusive in filming and reporting the meetings in China negotiating the Proposed US China Grand Strategy Agreement.[23] He is also the co-host of Collaboration of Civilizations, a television series currently in production based on his books. He explained the proposed US China Grand Strategy in his columns in People's Daily Online in English[24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42] and China Daily Online in Manadrin[43][44][45][46][47][48] and his articles in English and Mandarin also appear in publications as diverse as the Financial Times[49] and Study Times.[50]

Center for America China Partnership[edit]

Milligan-Whyte proposed to Dai Min the day after they met in 1997. Seven years later, she accepted. They were married and founded the Center for America China Partnership in 2005 and incorporated the America China Partnership Foundation in New York in 2007. They are the author and co-author of the America-China Partnership Book Series. In 2009 the official media of the Chinese government, China Daily, named the Center “the first American think tank to combine and integrate American and Chinese perspectives providing a complete answer for America and China’s success in the 21st century.” The Chinese government’s National Development and Reform Commission and the Beijing Foreign Studies University, which has produced 90% of China’s diplomats, signed Memoranda of Cooperation with the Center and Foundation to implement the “New School of US-China Partnership” in 2009 and 2010 respectively.[citation needed]

At the request of the Director General of the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Milligan-Whyte and Dai Min wrote and delivered A White Paper for the Presidents of America and China summarizing their America-China Partnership Book Series and the “New School of US-China Relations”, which their books created. The White Paper was used in President Hu’s preparations for negotiations with President Obama in 2009. The text of A White Paper for the Presidents of America and China is available at the Center for America China Partnership’s website.[51]

Proposed US China Grand Strategy Agreement[edit]

In 2010 John Milligan-Whyte, Dai Min and Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett, respectively the Chairman, President and Executive Vice President of the Center for America China Partnership, drafted a Proposed China US Grand Strategy Agreement between President Hu and President Obama with input and support from China’s: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Former UN Ambassador, Former U.S. Ambassador, Former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the PLA, Former Military Attaché to North Korea and Israel, Former Vice Minister of Commerce, China's Central Party School Institute of International Strategic Studies, Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, China Center for International Economic Exchanges, China Institute For International Strategic Studies, China Foundation for International & Strategic Studies, Boao Forum, and State Council’s China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, which prepares classified briefing documents for China's President, Premier and State Councilors. Footage of the meetings is available online.[52]

The Proposed US China Grand Strategy Agreement's text was published in Foreign Affairs[53] and introduced in John Milligan-Whyte and Dai Min’s columns in People’s Daily Online in English and in China Daily Online in Mandarin and in Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett’s column in World Politics Review.[54]

America-China Partnership Book Series[edit]

To date five books in English and four books in Mandarin have been published in the America-China Partnership Book Series.

List of Publications in the America-China Partnership Book Series
English Title (Publication Date) Mandarin Title (Publication Date) Authors
China & America’s Emerging Partnership: A New Realistic Perspective (2008) 《美中关系新战略》(2008年) John Milligan-Whyte, Dai Min
New China Business Strategies: Chinese and American Companies as Global Partners (2008) 《中美商业新战略:开创中美商务双赢的未来》(2008年) John Milligan-Whyte, Dai Min, Mannie Manhong Liu, Howard Jiang
A White Paper for the Presidents of America and China (2009) 《致奥巴马总统和胡锦涛主席的外交关系白皮书》(2009年) John Milligan-Whyte, Dai Min
US-China Relations in the Obama Administration: Facing Shared Challenges (2010) 《奥巴马执政后的中美关系:应对共同挑战》(2009年) John Milligan-Whyte, Dai Min
China & America’s Responsibilities in Mankind’s Future (2010) John Milligan-Whyte, Dai Min

The New School of US China Relations[edit]

The first two books in the America China Partnership Series, China & America’s Emerging Partnership: A New Realistic Perspective and New China Business Strategies: Chinese & American Companies as Global Partners, were recognized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Daily and People’s Daily as creating a “New School of US China Relations providing a complete answer for America and China's success in the 21st century”,[55] which was announced at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the first Global Think Tank Summit[56] and in Foreign Affairs magazine[57] in 2009.

China-US Relations in the Obama Administration: Facing Shared Challenges, which they published in 2010 in English, is the only book authored by an American to be translated into Mandarin and published in China by the Central Party School since Paul Kennedy’s The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers in 1989.[58] The book's original English title, "China and America's Leadership in Peaceful Coexistence", was changed to match the Chinese title, 《致奥巴马总统和胡锦涛主席的外交关系白皮书》, given in Mandarin by the Central Party School. In this book, Milligan-Whyte explains the convergence of US and China's security needs, the "New School of US-China Relations" perspectives and the advantages for both the US and China in aligning their national security if the US reciprocates China's peaceful coexistence policies.

The New School of the Human Extinction Challenge[edit]

In the America-China Partnership Book Series,[59] Milligan-Whyte also presents grand strategies for preventing human extinction. In China & America’s Responsibilities in Mankind’s Future, published in English in 2010, which the Central Party School has also translated into Mandarin for publication in China, he pioneered two other new research areas which he terms the “New School of the Human Extinction Challenge” and the “New School of the Philosophy, Genetics and Physics of Moral Authority.”[60] Milligan-Whyte asserts that mankind’s fundamental 21st century foreign policy, defense strategy and scientific research issue is discovering how to prevent human extinction in what he terms "The Age of Species Lethal Weapons and Science". He rejects Samuel Huntington’s contention in The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order that the clash of civilizations is inevitable. Milligan-Whyte asserts that mankind has no future in clash of civilization because of the power of 21st century weapons, technology and science and that collaboration of civilizations is essential if mankind is to prevent its extinction.

The New School of the Philosophy, Genetics and Physics of Moral Authority[edit]

Milligan-Whyte argues for the study of human beings as phenomena of physics because the laws of physics are the only laws that all human beings involuntarily obey. He asserts that the way to discover defense systems able to prevent human extinction and also to discover solutions to the inconsistencies in what is currently believed about the laws of physics, it is necessary to study both together as interrelated subjects and to understand persons exhibiting “moral authority” as phenomena of physics.[citation needed]

Human Extinction Challenge Solution Trust[edit]

Milligan-Whyte and Dai Min are the founders of the Human Extinction Challenge Solution Trust called for in their books to fund and guide a global team of the species’ most advanced experts in the many areas of research needed to successfully understand human beings and "moral authority" as phenomena of physics and thus learn how to control human behavior so human extinction can be prevented.

In China & America's Responsibilities in Mankind's Future he asserts that the thought and behavior processes of human beings which evolved over billions of years prior to the Age of Species Lethal Weapons and Science is in the process of leading to the human gene pool's extinction. He views genetic engineering of the human gene pool as urgent, essential and justified in order to prevent its extinction. He also asserts that medicine is fundamentally a phenomenon of physics and that few medical doctors also have doctorates in physics. In a People's Daily Online article, "How to reduce America's budget by 45%",[61] he called for the creation of research, teaching and treatment hospitals that combine expertise in genetic engineering, theoretic and experimental physics, American, Chinese and stem cell medicine and the comparative analysis of the cost, effectiveness and painfulness of each of those treatment modalities alone or in combination to make 21st century health care globally more effective and less costly and painful. He has proposed that the prototype of such research, educational and clinical hospitals be created in Jilin Province, China.

Fineman Novel Series[edit]

Milligan-Whyte is the author of a series of philosophical novels about a fictional designer of mankind’s future: The Odyssey of Why and How, Fineman’s Answer, Substance, Fineman's Dilemma, The Courtship of An Irresistible Woman and The Courtship of Dried Flowers.

Paintings of Philosophy[edit]

In order to persuade Dai Min to marry him and to communicate ideas across civilizations, cultures and language barriers, Milligan-Whyte developed a new genre of cartoons. Twenty of his "Paintings of Philosophy", which summarize an American executive’s mindset change regarding China, appear in his business strategy book: New China Business Strategies: Chinese and American Companies as Global Partners.[62] They also appear in his children’s books, such as The Ice Cream of Love.


Milligan-Whyte is an Honorary Research Professor at Beijing University, Senior Advisor to the Venture Capital Research Center at Renmin University, a Guest Professor at China’s University of International Business & Economy and Beijing Foreign Studies University and a Fellow of the Center for International Legal Studies in Strasburg, Austria. He was called to the Ontario and Canadian Bars in 1984 and the Bermuda Bar in 1985 and received a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Laws and Juris Doctorate degrees from the University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School, Queen’s Law School in Canada, continuing legal education at Harvard Law School, and executive education at Harvard Business School.[citation needed]


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