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John Mirak (March 11, 1907–January 31, 2000) (Armenian: Հովհաննես Միրագ) was an Armenian-American businessman who owned several car dealerships and automotive businesses in Massachusetts. He and his family are widely known for their contributions to Armenian society in both the diaspora and the republic.

He was born on March 11, 1907 in the city of Arabkir, Western Armenia. He immigrated to the United States in 1920 after becoming an orphan after the Armenian Genocide and married Artemis Mirak, also a genocide survivor from Arabkir.

In 1932 he established The Arlington Center Garage and Service Corporation and with the help of his sons. Then, he started Mirak Chevrolet in Arlington, Massachusetts in 1936. His dealership also sold Hyundai. Mirak also had a Lincoln-Mercury-Nissan dealership which closed in the 1990s. Mirak Chevrolet-Hyundai is located at 1125 Massachusetts Ave. in Arlington, Massachusetts. Mirak Lincoln-Mercury-Nissan was located at 956 Massachusetts Ave. in Arlington, Massachusetts. In the place where Mirak Lincoln-Mercury-Nissan used to be, a business called RCN is in its place.

He died on January 31, 2000 at Lahey Hitchcock Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts at the age of 92 of complications from a stroke.