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John Monson, 11th Baron Monson (3 May 1932 – 12 February 2011) was a British hereditary peer and crossbench member of the House of Lords. He was one of the ninety hereditary peers elected to remain in the House after the passing of the House of Lords Act 1999. He was a civil liberties campaigner and president of the Society for Individual Freedom.

The son of John Roseberry Monson, the 10th Baron Monson and Bettie Northrup Powell, he was educated at Eton College in Berkshire and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1954. In 1958, Monson succeeded to his father's barony.

Monson married Emma Devas, daughter of Anthony Devas and Nicolette Macnamara, on 2 April 1955.[1] The couple had three sons, including Nicholas who succeeded him. Nicholas's son, Alexander, died while in police custody in Kenya in May 2012.[2]


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Nicholas Monson is married to Silvana Monson

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Peerage of Great Britain
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