John Montagu Douglas Scott, 7th Duke of Buccleuch

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His Grace
The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry
The Duke of Buccleuch
Personal details
Born (1864-03-30)30 March 1864
Montagu House, Whitehall, London, England, UK
Died 19 October 1935(1935-10-19) (aged 71)
Bowhill House, Selkirk, Scotland
Spouse(s) Lady Margaret Bridgeman
Children Lady Margaret Hawkins
Walter Montagu Douglas Scott, 8th Duke of Buccleuch
Lord William Montagu Douglas Scott
Lady Sybil Phipps
Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester
Mary Cecil, Marchioness of Exeter
Lady Angela Dawnay
Lord George Montagu Douglas Scott
Parents William Montagu Douglas Scott, 6th Duke of Buccleuch
Lady Louisa Hamilton

John Charles Montagu Douglas Scott, 7th Duke of Buccleuch and 9th Duke of Queensberry, KT, GCVO (30 March 1864 – 19 October 1935), styled The Honourable John Montagu Douglas Scott until 1884, Lord John Montagu Douglas Scott between 1884 and 1886 and Earl of Dalkeith until 1914 was a Scottish Member of Parliament and peer.

Early life[edit]

Buccleuch was born in 1864, the son of William Montagu Douglas Scott, 6th Duke of Buccleuch and Lady Louisa Hamilton. He was the second of eight children. His elder brother, Walter Henry, Earl of Dalkeith, was accidentally killed in a deer-hunting accident in Achnacary Forest, at the age of 25. Walter was unmarried, and the title of Earl of Dalkeith passed to John.[1] He is a descendant of Charles II.


Buccleuch held the following posts:

  • 1895–1906: Member of Parliament (MP), Conservative, for Roxburghshire[2]
  • Deputy Lieutenant (DL) of Edinburgh[2]
  • Justice of the Peace (JP) for Selkirk and Roxburghshire[2]
  • Deputy Lieutenant (DL) of Selkirk and Roxburghshire[2]
  • Lord-Lieutenant of Dumfriesshires[2]
  • 1926–1935: Lord Clerk Register for Scotland[2]

Marriage and family[edit]

On Monday 30 January 1893, John married Lady Margaret Alice "Molly" Bridgeman, daughter of George Bridgeman, 4th Earl of Bradford and Lady Ida Frances Annabella Lumley, daughter of Richard Lumley, 9th Earl of Scarbrough. They had eight children:

  • Lady Margaret Ida Montagu Douglas Scott (13 November 1893 – 17 December 1976) she married Admiral Sir Geoffrey Hawkins on 16 February 1926. They have three children:
    • Alice Anne Hawkins (31 March 1928) she married Commander Michael Edward St. Quintin Wall on 27 June 1975.
    • Renira Margaret Ida Hawkins (29 September 1930) she married Alistair Horne on 28 November 1953.
    • James Walter Hawkins (16 March 1933)
  • Walter John Montagu Douglas Scott, 8th Duke of Buccleuch (30 December 1894 – 4 October 1973) he married Vreda Esther Mary Lascelles on 21 April 1921. They have three children, sixteen grandchildren, forty-four great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren
  • Lord William Walter Montagu Douglas Scott (17 January 1896 – 30 January 1958) he married Lady Rachel Douglas-Home (daughter of Charles Douglas-Home, 13th Earl of Home) 27 April 1937. They have five children:
    • Margaret Elizabeth Montagu Douglas Scott (19 April 1938)
    • Frances Henrietta Montagu Douglas Scott (3 August 1940 – 21 August 2000) she married Philip Bertram Gurdon, 3rd Baron Cranworth of Letton and Cranworth on 18 January 1968. They have three children and three grandchildren:
      • The Honorable Louisa-Jane Gurdon (14 May 1969) she married Simon D. K. Hanbury on 15 May 1999. They have three children:
        • Edward Benjamin Philip Hanbury (17 June 2003)
        • Rosanna Frances Verena Hanbury (27 October 2005)
        • Eloise Lucinda Hanbury (31 May 2008)
      • The Honorable Sacha William Robin Gurdon (12 August 1970) he married Susannah Bates on 1 December 2001. They have one son:
        • Alec Martin Philip Gurdon (8 January 2006)
      • The Honorable Brampton Charles Gurdon (28 May 1975)
    • Rosemary Alice Montagu Douglas Scott (3 August 1940-10 July 2015) she married Mark Collins on 22 February 1978. They have two sons:
      • Sampson William Francis Collins (1982)
      • Benjamin Mark Timothy Collins (1984)
    • Jean Louise Montagu Douglas Scott (6 June 1943) she married Sir George Christopher Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick, 7th Bt. on 14 March 1968. They have three children:
      • George William Owen Tapps Gervis Meyrick (3 April 1970) he married Candida Clark in September 2006. They have two daughters:
        • Eva Rose Tapps Gervis Meyrick (2 August 2007)
        • Miss Tapps Gervis Meyrick (13 May 2009)
      • Charles Valentine Llewelyn Tapps Gervis Meyrick (1972) he married Alexandra Watson in 2000. They have three children:
        • Oliver Tapps Gervis Meyrick (2001)
        • Isabella Tapps Gervis Meyrick (2003)
        • Benjamin William Llewellyn Tapps Gervis Meyrick (26 July 2006)
      • Suzannah Daisy Tapps Gervis Meyrick (1978) she married Peter J. Rumboll. They have one son:
        • William Louis Walter Santos Rumboll (25 December 2012)
    • Walter William Montagu Douglas Scott (24 June 1946) he married Teresa Urbaniak, daughter of Anatole Urbaniak, in 1991.
  • Lady Sybil Anne Montagu Douglas Scott (14 July 1899 – 1 November 1990) she married Charles Phipps on 14 May 1919. They have four children, eleven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren:
    • Clare Margaret Phipps (1 December 1920) she married David George Hadow on 16 December 1950. They have twin daughters and one grandson:
      • Susan Margaret Hadow (1952)
      • Rosemary Una Hadow (1952) she married Robert John Clover-Brown in 1982. They have one son:
        • Nicholas Charles Clover-Brown (1984)
    • Eileen Sybil Phipps (2 May 1922) she married Philip Kingsmill Parbury on 7 July 1948. They have three children:
      • Anabel Elizabeth Kingsmill Parbury (1950)
      • Charles Adam Phipps Parbury (1954)
      • Philip Piers Hueford Parbury (1957)
    • Charles Nicholas Phipps (26 Aug 1925-6 July 2004) he married Jane Goodman. They have two children. He remarried Christian Fiona Mackenzie on 3 June 1966. They have two children and four grandchildren.
      • Daniel Phipps
      • Rachel Phipps
      • Charles Mackenzie Phipps (22 March 1967) he married Polly Payne on 19 July 1997. They have two children:
        • Charles Nicholas Payne Phipps (1999)
        • Ishbel Rose Payne Phipps (2001)
      • Alice Christian Phipps (25 March 1969) she married William Beck. They have two children:
        • John Hercules Phipps Beck (13 January 2008)
        • Maribel Diana Phipps Beck (2009)
    • Diana Phipps (6 August 1927 - 13 October 2010) she married John de Normann on 6 June 1959. They have two sons and four granddaughters:
      • John Roderick Charles de Normann (1960) he married Sian Huw Pritchard in 1983. They have two daughters:
        • Camilla Henrietta de Normann (1986) married Oliver Hire. They have one son, Barney Hire, born on 23 August 2017, in Miami.
        • Tatiana Alice de Normann (1987)
      • Anthony Leigh de Normann (1961) he married Miranda Worsley. They have two daughters:
        • Amelia Lucy Diana de Normann (1998)
        • Olivia Daisy Caroline de Normann (2001)
  • Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester (25 December 1901– 29 October 2004) she married Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester on 6 November 1935. They have two sons, three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
  • Lady Mary Theresa Montagu Douglas Scott (4 March 1904 – 1 June 1984) she married David Cecil, 6th Marquess of Exeter on 10 January 1929 and they were divorced in 1946). They have four children, nine grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter:
  • Lady Angela Christine Rose Montagu Douglas Scott (26 December 1906 – 28 September 2000) she married Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Dawnay on 28 April 1936. They have two children and five grandchildren:
    • Lt.-Col. Charles John Dawnay (29 January 1938) he married Adrian Hamilton on 18 March 1968. They have four children:
      • Henry Marcus Dawnay (4 January 1969)
      • George Edward Dawnay (19 June 1970)
      • Nicholas St. John Dawnay (5 July 1978)
      • Sophia Penelope Dawnay (23 May 1981)
    • Moyra Jane Dawnay (8 April 1946) she married Timothy Rupert de Zoete, son of Rupert Edward de Zoete and Anna Patricia Gibbs, on 2 July 1969. They have one daughter:
      • Alexandra Margot de Zoete (18 April 1973)
  • Lord George Francis John Montagu Douglas Scott (8 July 1911 – 8 June 1999) he married Mary Bishop on 16 December 1938. They have three children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren
    • Georgina Mary Montagu Douglas Scott (28 November 1940-29 August 2017) she married Lt.-Col. Raymond O'Neill, 4th Baron O'Neill of Shane's Castle on 10 June 1963. They have three children and two grandchildren:
      • Hon. Shane Sebastian Clanaboy O'Neill (25 July 1965) he married Celia Frances Hickman on 4 October 1997. They have two children:
        • Con O'Neill (20 November 2000)
        • Hugo Peter Raymond O'Neill (26 June 2002)
      • Hon. Tyrone Alexander O'Neill (24 June 1966)
      • Hon. Rory St. John O'Neill (20 December 1968)
    • Charmian Rachel Montagu Douglas Scott (18 July 1942-5 Apr 2009) she married Archibald Stirling of Keir on 11 November 1964 and they were divorced in 1977. They have two children. She remarried Colin Campbell in 1987.
      • William Rory Alexander Stirling (15 December 1965)
      • Ludovic David Stirling (29 April 1967)
    • David Henry George Montagu Douglas Scott (29 Jan 1945-24 Dececember 2001) he married Laura Jane Harmsworth on 10 June 1967. They have two children:
      • Lucy Rose Montagu Douglas Scott (18 May 1969) she married David C. Mabbs in 1998.
      • Harriet Mary Montagu Douglas Scott (1972) she married Edward James in 2006.


Buccleuch died from cancer[3] at Bowhill, Selkirkshire, Borders, Scotland, on 19 October 1935, aged 71, less than a month before his daughter Lady Alice Christabel Montagu Douglas Scott was to wed HRH The Prince Henry, the third son of King George V and Queen Mary. The marriage was to take place at Westminster Abbey, but given the circumstances, the event was scaled back and the venue changed to The Private Chapel, Buckingham Palace.

Buccleuch was buried on 22 October 1935 in the family crypt of the Buccleuch Memorial Chapel in St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Dalkeith, Midlothian. The church is located on Dalkeith's High Street, at the entrance to Dalkeith Country Park.[4]

Buccleuch was succeeded by his son, Walter.

Titles, honours and awards[edit]

  • 18 September 1886 – 5 November 1914: John Charles Montagu Douglas Scott, Earl of Dalkeith[2]
  • 5 November 1914: His Grace, Sir John Charles Montagu Douglas Scott, 7th Duke of Buccleuch & 9th Duke of Queensberry[2]
  • Captain General of the Royal Company of Archers[2]
  • Invested as a Knight, Order of the Thistle (KT)[2]
  • Invested as a Knight Grand Cross, Royal Victorian Order (GCVO)[2]
  • 1929: Honorary Colonel, 78th (Lowland) Field Brigade, Royal Artillery[2]



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