John P. Donohue

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John P. Donohue
John P. Donohue 001.jpg
Circa 1994
Born December 25, 1932
Westchester, New York
Died September 04, 2008 (aged 75)
Drummond Island, Michigan
Education Holy Cross
Cornell Medical College
Massachusetts General Hospital (residency)
Known for Testicular cancer treatment
Medical career
Profession Surgeon
Institutions Indiana University School of Medicine
Specialism Urology
Notable prizes Barringer Medal (1988)[1]
Distinguished Career Award (1994)[2]
Distinguished Contribution Award (1994)[3]
I.U. President's Medal for Excellence (1996)
Hugh Hampton Young Award (1998)[4]
Huggins Medal (2001)[5]
Ferdinand C. Valentine Medal
Sanctae Crucis Award (2005)
Ramon Guiteras Award (2005)[6]
Keyes Medal (2008)[7]

John P. Donohue, M.D. (1932–2008) was the Chairman of the Urology Department and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Indiana University School of Medicine. He pioneered treatments for testicular cancer, including the nerve-sparing technique. His work with Dr. Lawrence Einhorn led to an increase in cure rate of testicular cancer from 5% to 90%.[8] He studied under Wyland F. Leadbetter. He began his career as a United States Navy officer while serving as the Ship's Surgeon aboard the aircraft carrier USS Wasp.


Donohue graduated from Iona Preparatory School, New Rochelle, New York. He studied at Holy Cross College in Worchester, Massachusetts, graduating in 1954. He received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College, completed initial surgical training at the New York Hospital and received his urological training at Massachusetts General Hospital. After completing his training, he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana.


In 1971, he became Professor of Urology and Chairman of the Department at Indiana University School of Medicine. He authored numerous articles on testicular cancer.

Later years[edit]

Dr. Donohue retired to Melbourne Beach, Florida. He was buried at Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Palm Bay, Florida.


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