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John Scully (born 1941) is a Canadian author, producer and journalist.[1]


Scully was born in Westport, New Zealand. He never went to university but began filing photographs at the Wellington Evening Post. He then moved into television reporting and production at the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation.

From 1965 to 1974 he worked as a senior editor, producer and writer at BBC TV writer in London. He started as a summer-relief writer in the TV newsroom but soon rose to the position of duty editor. In 1974, Scully was recruited as the senior field producer for Canada’s latest TV network, Global. He remained in Canada to work for CBC.

Subsequently, he was successively: Documentary Producer, W5; News Producer, CTV News; Documentary Producer for CBC Newsmagazine, and The Journal; Executive Producer at CloseUp, TVNZ; Senior Field Producer, The Journal, CBC; and finally Head of Current Affairs, Television New Zealand.[2]

From 1990 to 1994 he was News and Documentary Producer, the National, The 5th Estate, The Magazine and CBC Toronto, and then Producer, Camera Operator, Video Editor, CBC South Asia Bureau, New Delhi. Working with reporter Dick Gordon, John established the CBC's South Asia bureau.

From 2003 to 2007, he was Senior Producer, 360 Vision, Vision TV.

In his career, he has won numerous international awards for news and documentaries.

Scully is the author of Am I Dead Yet: A Journalist's Perspective on Terror in which he traces his journey from Vietnam to Baghdad and explores his thoughts and perspectives on terrorism, its roots and its reasons.[3]

Scully is married and lives in Dwight, Ontario.

Journalism awards[edit]

  • "Gold Medal, Houston International Film Festival: Best Coverage of a Continuing News Story." for a CBC News series that traced the source of one Ontario man’s cancer to a nearby hidden chemical dump, the subsequent police investigation and the jailing of the offender.
  • "Gold Medal, Houston International Film Festival: Investigative TV Journalism." for an investigation into the crash of a Canadian charter plane that killed over 230 people. The airline subsequently ceased operation.
  • Silver Medal, New York International Film and TV Festival: Best Documentary." for a one-hour CTV News documentary shot in Asia and Canada that revealed hostility and rejection of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Chinese boat people.
  • "Bronze Medals, New York International Film and TV Festival and Canadian Association of Journalists: Best Investigative Series." for a five-part CBC news series that, in 1991, uncovered serious and widespread contamination of drinking water across Ontario.
  • "Bronze Medal, Columbus Film and Video Festival" for an experimental short CBC documentary about a dying Ontario town.
  • "Bronze Medal, Houston International Film Festival: Investigative Journalism." for a CBC news series that examined serious effects on patients of hospital mergers.
  • "Gemini Nomination: Best Documentary" for a Half-hour CBC documentary shot in Hong Kong examining the psychological, social and physical impacts on refugees locked in internment camps for up to 10 years.
  • "Gemini Nomination: Best Documentary" for a One-hour 360 Vision documentary on the disappearance and murder of four old people from a religious home in Ontario, Canada.[4]
  • "Certificate of Merit, Houston International Film Festival. Best TV Video Production," a CBC investigation into 28 Ontario hospitals that revealed secret testing of patients suspected of HIV infection.


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