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John Paul Leon
Leon at the New York Comic Con in Manhattan, October 9, 2010
Born (1972-04-26) April 26, 1972 (age 48)
New York City, New York, US
Notable works
Earth X

John Paul Leon (born April, 1972 in New York City) is an American comic book artist, known for his work on the Milestone Comics series Static, and the Marvel Comics limited series Earth X.


Leon first began working professionally at the age of 16, with a series of black and white illustrations for TSR's Dragon and Dungeon magazines.

While majored in illustration at New York's School of Visual Arts, studying under artists as Will Eisner, Walter Simonson, and Jack Potter.[1]

Leon began his comic book career with a mini-series for Dark Horse Comics, RoboCop: Prime Suspect, and followed with the DC Comics/Milestone series Static.

Leon received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from SVA in 1994, after which he worked on series such as Superman, Batman, and X-Men. Some of his other notable works include Logan: Path of the Warlord, The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix and Challengers of the Unknown. Leon has contributed artwork for the Superman Returns style guide, as well as a pair of Superman children's books for Meredith Books. He was the artist for The Winter Men, a miniseries for Wildstorm/DC Comics.

He is currently illustrating Batman: Creature of the Night, a miniseries for DC Comics.


  • RoboCop (with John Arcudi, in Dark Horse Comics #1-3, Dark Horse Comics, 1992)
  • Robocop: Prime Suspect (pencils, with writer John Arcudi and inks by Jeff Albrecht, Dark Horse Comics, 1992–1993)
  • Static (pencils, with writers Dwayne McDuffie et al and inks by Steve Mitchell, Milestone Comics, 1993-1994)
  • The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix (pencils, with writer Peter Milligan and inks by Klaus Janson, 4-issue mini-series, Marvel, 1996, tpb, 96 pages, October 1997, ISBN 0-7851-0556-5)
  • Earth X (pencils, with writers Alex Ross and Jim Krueger and inks by Bill Reinhold, Marvel Comics, 1999 - 2000)
  • The Winter Men (with Brett Lewis, 6-issue limited series, Wildstorm, 2005–2006, 2008, ISBN 1-4012-2526-8)
  • Grendel: Devil's Toll - art
  • Batman: Creature of the Night (with Kurt Busiek, 4-issue limited series, DC Comics, 2017-2019)


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