John Paul Mitchell Systems

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John Paul Mitchell Systems
Founded Hawaii, U.S.
Headquarters Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
Area served
Key people
Revenue $600 Million (1999)[1]
$59.3 Million (2008)
Number of employees
~ 300

John Paul Mitchell Systems (Paul Mitchell) is the American company known for Paul Mitchell hair care products and styling tools. It was founded by John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell in 1980. It was formally headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and has since moved its world headquarters to Century City, California. The company is also well known for its series of beauty schools which are in multiple locations around the United States.


1980 -[edit]

With just $700, John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell started out with just a post office box and a pre-recorded answering machine message created by a female friend. The first products were printed in black and white due to the cost efficiency associated in comparison to color printed packaging. During this time they also became the first professional beauty company to take a stand against animal testing.

1983 -[edit]

As an ethical business from the start, John Paul Mitchell Systems opened their first solar powered awapuhi farm located in Hawaii. This farm is still presently active and producing the important ingredient for their products.

1987 -[edit]

The company introduces tea tree oil shampoo to their line and it becomes an instant success.

1989 -[edit]

Paul Mitchell passes away at age 53 after losing his battle with Pancreatic Cancer. His share of the company is passed to his son, Angus Mitchell.

1990 -[edit]

The company releases their first tearless formula named "Baby Don't Cry". In this year, the company is also recognized by People magazine with a Humanitarian Award due to their ethical treatment of animals.

1994 -[edit]

The company starts sponsoring the US Open of Surfing, and remain as one of the longest running sponsors to this day.

2001 -[edit]

With continuing success of their tea tree oil shampoo, the company decided to launch Tea Tree, a Paul Mitchell company dedicated to their line of tea tree oil products. They also opened Paul Mitchell the School, setting new standards in professional beauty education.

2009 -[edit]

Paul Mitchell the School expands and now houses more than 100 locations nationwide.


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