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John Penrose (15 December 1778 – 9 August 1859) was a Church of England clergyman and theological writer.

Early life[edit]

John Penrose was born in Cardinham in Cornwall, where his father, also named John, was vicar of the parish. Penrose was educated at Blundell's School in Tiverton and at Corpus Christi College in Oxford. He received a BA in 1799 and an MA in 1802.


Penrose was ordained at Exeter in 1801. He held a number of ecclesiastical positions throughout his lifetime, including:

In 1814 Penrose married Elizabeth Cartwright, a teacher and author of children's books under the name Mrs Markham. The couple were the parents of three sons of whom Francis Penrose was an architect and Charles Penrose a clergyman who succeed to his father's livings.


His most significant published works include:

The collection of the Pitts Theology Library includes a three-page letter from John Penrose to an unnamed bishop, dated 24 November 1844 commenting on the character of Thomas Arnold.