John Pescoran

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John Pescoran
John Pescoran at Egglexic Art Galleria, 2012.jpg
Born John Pescoran
(1980-01-04) January 4, 1980 (age 37)
Lima, Peru
Residence California, US
Education Academy of Art University
Occupation Surreal Pop Art Artist, sculptor, Musician and Video art director

John Pescoran (born January 4, 1980 in Lima, Peru) is a Peruvian–American surreal pop art artist, painter, sculptor, musician and video art director.[1] He was raised in Hayward, California and studied graphic design and illustration at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. He combines elements of surrealism, pop art, cartoon art and neo-expressionism in his work.[2]

As well as utilizing acrylic and oil paints, paint markers, other fine art and random art tools, Pescoran is also a member of the art movement, Hypermodernism (art) as a writer and graphic designer.[3][not in citation given] During mid-2010 John Pescoran began creating works of video art and music videos. He created the animated music video for the deathrock band, Alien Sex Fiend for their song, Dance of The Dead off of their 2010 Death Trip album.

Selected exhibitions[edit]


  • Arvin C. Ripping Hall, California
  • Muñiz Swavasito, California


  • Galeria Laste, California


  • NicelyDestroyed Dia-Noche, California
  • Egglexic Galaxy, California



  • Bring Upon The Night, Video Art, 2010
  • Dance of The Dead, Music Video, 2010
  • One Day Forever, Video Art, 2012
  • Thought Non-Stop, Video Art, 2012
  • Over and Out, Video Art, 2012
  • Genshi-san 1, Installation, 2012
  • Mind's Eye Path, Video Art, 2013
  • Room Size Universe, Video Art, 2013
  • Dead Time Configuration, Video Art, 2015


  • Neologic Spasm: REAN!MATOR (EP), 2013
  • Neologic Spasm: Graffiti Mechanica (Album), 2013
  • Neologic Spasm: Mecha Experience (Single), 2013
  • John Pescoran: Mind's Eye Path: Original Video Art Sound Collage (EP), 2013
  • Neologic Spasm: Dreams Restored (EP), 2013
  • Neologic Spasm: Legion Configuration (Single), 2013
  • Neologic Spasm: Surreal Manga Pop (Single), 2013
  • Neologic Spasm: MEGASTRUCTURE: remixes, rarities + reconstructions, 2014
  • Neologic Spasm: Endorphin Blitz (Single), 2014
  • Neologic Spasm: Dead Time Configuration: Soundtrack, 2015
  • Neologic Spasm: RAW DATA (Album), 2015
  • Neologic Spasm: Amplified Dreams (Single), 2015


  • "Electricityscape", self-published, 2010
  • "Bay Area Pop: Drawings and Graphic Work by John Pescoran", Focusedesigns Art Books, 2011
  • "Luminous Beauties: Pescoran Art", Focusedesigns Art Books, 2011
  • "Electricityscape: Surreal Pop Special Edition", Focusedesigns Art Books, 2012
  • "The Art of John Pescoran", Focusedesigns Art Books, Pescoran Art, 2012


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