John Porcelly

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John Porcelly
Also known asParamananda Das
OriginUnited States
GenresPunk rock, hardcore punk
Occupation(s)Musician, graphic designer
InstrumentsGuitar, vocals
Associated actsProject X
Young Republicans
Violent Children
Youth of Today
Never Surrender
Last of the Famous
Gorilla Biscuits

John 'Porcell' Porcelly (a.k.a. Paramananda Das) (Born February 3, 1967) is an American musician, graphic designer and yoga instructor.[1] He is best known as the guitarist for the American 1980s hardcore bands Young Republicans,[2] Violent Children, Youth Of Today[3] and Judge.[4] He also sang in Project X (under the pseudonym Slam), and has had stints in other bands such as Bold and Gorilla Biscuits. More recently he has played in bands like Shelter, Never Surrender and Last of the Famous.

He also wrote and published the fanzine War on Illusion and ran the record label/fanzine Schism along with Alex Brown (Gorilla Biscuits/Side By Side/Project X). Porcelly currently runs the record label Fight Fire with Fire.

In 2006, Bold reunited with Porcelly on second guitar and began a European tour while also writing and recording a new album. He also sang a live set of 80s straight edge cover songs with the Florida band Gator Bait at Florida's Significant Records Fest. The set included songs from his previous projects Youth of Today, Project X and Judge.

In 2008, Porcelly launched his straight-edge clothing company "True Till Death".[5][6]

Personal life[edit]

Prior to his joining of Shelter John Porcelly took interest in the spiritual movement 'International Society for Krishna Consciousness' and has maintained interest in it since; he is an active member of ISKCON. He is referred in ISKCON by his 'spiritual' name - "Paramananda Das". He has been a straight edge and a vegetarian for most of his life.[1][7]


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