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John Prevas is an historian and classics scholar.

Prevas was scholar in residence and assistant professor of classics at Eckerd College from 2001 until 2011 teaching courses in ancient Greek and Roman history, Latin and law. He was visiting professor of classics at the University of South Florida in 2015 and 2017. He is the author of Hannibal Crosses The Alps (2001), Xenophon's March: Into the Lair of the Persian Lion[1] (2002) and Envy of the Gods (2004), a history of Alexander the Great's ill-fated journey through the Gedrosian Desert in Pakistan.[2][3] His most recent book (2009) is the NYT's best seller, Power Ambition Glory co-authored with Steve Forbes. His latest book is Hannibal's Oath.

Prevas was born in Baltimore, Maryland and received his undergraduate degree in history from the University of Maryland, a master's degree in educational psychology from Johns Hopkins University, a master's degree in political science from the University of Maryland and a law degree from Antioch School of Law, Washington, D.C.[citation needed]

John Prevas was featured in the 2002 History Channel program Unconventional Warfare discussing Hannibal's invasion of Italy by crossing the Alps and in a BBC National Geographic film on Hannibal in 2008. [4]

As of 2017, Prevas is working as a court-appointed mediator for the Florida sixth judicial circuit while working on his next book on the ancient world.[citation needed]


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