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This article is about the 17th-18th century politician. For the fictional character John Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone, see John Rambo.

John Rambo (born 1661 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - died 17 October 1741 in Gloucester County, New Jersey) was a judge and elected official in colonial New Jersey.

John Rambo was the youngest of eight children born to a Swedish immigrant family. Rambo's father, Peter Gunnarsson Rambo (born in 1612 in Gothenburg, Sweden - died 1698 in Pennsylvania), was one of the first colonists in the Swedish colony of New Sweden.[1] John Rambo was a judge in Gloucester County court from 1695 to 1697. He was also one of the first Swedish-Americans to be elected to the council of New Jersey (1697-1701). In 1685 Rambo married Brigitta Cock (1665-1726), the daughter of Peter Larsson Cock (1610-1687) who a justice on the New Sweden court. John Rambo and his wife had 11 children.[2] [3]


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