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John Randolph Spears (1850–1936) was an American author and journalist, born at Van Wert, Ohio. For some time, he was associated with the Buffalo Express and the New York Sun. Later, devoting himself to writing, he settled at Little Falls, N. Y.

List of publications[edit]

His publications include:

  • The Gold Diggings of Cape Horn (1895)
  • The Port of Missing Ships and Other Stories of the Sea (1896)
  • The History of Our Navy from its Origin to the Present Day (five volumes, 1897-1899)
  • The Fugitive (1899)
  • The American Slave Trade (1900; new edition, 1907)
  • David G. Farragut (1905)
  • A History of the United States Navy (1907)
  • The Story of New England Whalers (1908)
  • A History of the American Navy (1909)
  • The Story of the American Merchant Marine (1910)
  • Master Mariners (1911)

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