John Readhead & Sons

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John Readhead & Sons
Industry Shipbuilding, ship repair,
engine building, boilermaking
Fate Acquired
Successor Swan Hunter
Founded 1865
Defunct 1984
Headquarters South Shields, UK

John Readhead & Sons was a shipyard on the River Tyne in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England.


John Readhead and John Softley founded the business in 1865 in South Shields as Readhead and Softley.[2] The first ship they built was a small collier called Unus.[2] Swan Hunter bought the company in 1967 after publication of the Geddes Report which recommended rationalisation of shipbuilding on the River Tyne.[3] It was nationalised with the rest of Swan Hunter in 1977. The yard at South Shields closed in 1984.[4]


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