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John Rennie
John Rennie Geek Cruise.jpg
John Rennie on Greek Cruise
Born 1959
Nr. Boston, MA, USA
Residence New York City, New York, USA
Nationality American
Alma mater Yale
Occupation biologist, journalist, writer, editor
Awards Carl Sagan Award for Public Understanding of Science (2000)

John Rennie (born 1959) was the seventh editor in chief of Scientific American magazine.


John Rennie was born in 1959. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Yale University in 1981, after which he worked as a science writer and researcher at Harvard Medical School. He currently teaches science writing as adjunct professor at New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, and writes his The Gleaming Retort on the PLoS Blogs Network.[1]

Scientific American[edit]

He joined the Board of Editors at Scientific American in 1989. Rennie has written and edited articles on biology, technology and medicine and helped Scientific American produce award-winning single-topic issues for a variety of publications.[2] He was editor of the magazine for almost fifteen years, from late 1994 to June 2009.


He appeared as a commentator in the History Channel programs "Clash of the Cavemen", and "That's Impossible". He was also the host of the Weather Channel series "Hacking the Planet" and "The Truth About Twisters".

Other ventures[edit]

Rennie has performed improv in New York City and his home town of Boston, and also holds a black-belt in karate.[2]


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