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John Reppion
Born (1978-11-11) 11 November 1978 (age 40)
Liverpool, England, UK
Notable works

John Mark Reppion (born 1978) is a British writer. He is married to Leah Moore, the daughter of Alan Moore, and he has worked with both on the comic Albion.


John Reppion and Leah Moore have co-writing credits on Wild Girl, a 6-part comic for Wildstorm with art by Shawn McManus and J.H. Williams III, and in February 2006 they signed an initial twelve issue contract with Dynamite Entertainment,[1] for whom they produced an intercompany crossover with artist Stephen Segovia, Witchblade: "Shades of Gray", co-published with Top Cow,[2][3] and a zombie comic Raise the Dead,[4] amongst other things.

The two also contributed to Dark Horse's The Dark Horse Book of Monsters, the first issue of Th3rd World Studios' Space Doubles.,[5][6] Tori Amos' Comic Book Tattoo (with artist Pia Guerra) and "Deadeye" drawn by Matt Timson for the first two issues of Popgun.[7] They will also be working on a one-shot Doctor Who story with artist Ben Templesmith.[8] and are writing The Complete Dracula, an adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel,[9][10][11] The Trial of Sherlock Holmes[12][13][14] and The Complete Alice in Wonderland.[15]

John Reppion has also written a number of non-fiction articles including an article on The Childe of Hale for the Fortean Times[16] and various articles for The End Is Nigh. John also posts on the YoLiverpool forum under the username ResearchWriter.



  • Wild Girl (with co-author Leah Moore, and art by Shawn McManus and J.H. Williams III, Wildstorm, 2006)
  • Albion (plotted by Alan Moore, with co-author Leah Moore, and art by Shane Oakley, Wildstorm, 2006, tpb, Wildstorm, 176 pages, December 2006, ISBN 1-4012-0994-7, Titan Books, 144 pages, January 2007, ISBN 1-84576-351-3)
  • Accent Anthologies (with co-author Leah Moore):[17]
    • "Lusca" (with David Hitchcock, in Monsters, 2006)[18]
    • "An Molethy a an Ny-marrow (The Curse of the Un-dead)" (with David Hitchcock, in Zombies, 2007)[19]
    • "The Cabinet of Doctor Diablo" (with Andy Bloor, in Robots, 2008)[20]
    • "Mrs. Henry" (with David Hitchcock, Western, 2009, forthcoming)
  • Witchblade: "Shades of Gray" (with co-author Leah Moore, and art by Stephen Segovia, Top Cow/Dynamite Entertainment, 2007)
  • Raise the Dead (with co-author Leah Moore, and pencil by Hugo Petrus and inks by Marc Rueda, 4-issue mini-series, Dynamite Entertainment, 2007, tpb, 120 pages, February 2008, ISBN 1-933305-56-8)
  • Savage Tales: "Battle for Atlantis" (with co-author Leah Moore, and art by Pablo Marcos, in Savage Tales #1–3, Dynamite Entertainment, 2007)
  • Gene Simmons House of Horrors: "Into The Woods" (with co-author Leah Moore, and art by Jeff Zornow, IDW Publishing, 2007, tpb, 192 pages, April 2008, ISBN 1-60010-209-3)
  • Space Doubles: "Project: Obeah" (with co-author Leah Moore, and art by Jeremy Dale and Jason Roth, Th3rd World Studios, 2007)
  • Nevermore: "The Black Cat" (with co-author Leah Moore, and art by James Fletcher, Eye Classics, Self Made Hero, October 2007, ISBN 978-0-9552856-8-4)[21]
  • "Deadeye" (with co-author Leah Moore and art by Matt Timson, in Popgun No. 1, Popgun No. 2, Image Comics, 2007/2008)
  • Darkness vs. Eva (with co-author Leah Moore and art by Edgar Salazar)[22][23]
  • Doctor Who: "The Whispering Gallery" (with co-author Leah Moore and art by Ben Templesmith, one-shot, IDW Publishing)
  • The Complete Dracula (with co-author Leah Moore and art by Colton Worley, 5-issue limited series, Dynamite Entertainment 2009)
  • The Trial of Sherlock Holmes (with co-author Leah Moore, Dynamite Entertainment 2009)
  • The Thrill Electric with co-author Leah Moore and art by WindFlower Studio, October 2011, forthcoming
  • Sherlock Holmes – The Liverpool Demon (with co-author Leah Moore), Dynamite Entertainment, forthcoming




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