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John Resig
Born (1984-05-08) May 8, 1984 (age 32)[citation needed]
Residence New York City, USA
Institutions Khan Academy
Mozilla Corporation
Rochester Institute of Technology
Alma mater Rochester Institute of Technology[1][2]
Known for jQuery
Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja[3]
Pro JavaScript Techniques[4]

John Resig is an American software engineer and entrepreneur, best known as the creator and lead developer of the jQuery JavaScript library.[5]


Resig was educated at the Rochester Institute of Technology,[1] graduating with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science in 2005. During this time he worked with Ankur Teredesai[6][7] on data mining instant messaging networks and Jon Schull on exploring new ways of encouraging real-time online collaboration.[1]


John Resig currently works as an application developer at Khan Academy.[8] Previously, he was a JavaScript tool developer for the Mozilla Corporation. For his work on jQuery he was inducted into the Rochester Institute of Technology's Innovation Hall of Fame[1] on April 30, 2010.[1]

Software projects[edit]

Resig has started or contributed to many JavaScript libraries, including:

Resig is a frequent guest speaker at companies like Google and Yahoo! and has presented at many conferences related to web technology, including SXSW,[19] Webstock,[20] MIX, and Tech4Africa.[21]


Resig is the author of a widely read blog,[22][23] and is the author of the book Pro JavaScript Techniques, published by Apress in 2006,[4][24] Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja with Bear Bibeault, published by Manning Publications in December 2012[3] and several other papers.[6]


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