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John Resig

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John Resig
Resig in 2010
Born (1984-05-08) May 8, 1984 (age 40)[citation needed]
Alma materRochester Institute of Technology[1][2]
Known forjQuery
Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja[3]
Pro JavaScript Techniques[4]
Scientific career
InstitutionsKhan Academy
Mozilla Corporation
Rochester Institute of Technology

John Resig is an American software engineer and entrepreneur, best known as the creator and lead developer of the jQuery JavaScript library.[5] As of 2021, he works as the chief software architect at Khan Academy.[6]



Resig graduated with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2005. During this time he worked with Ankur Teredesai[7][8] on data mining instant messaging networks and Jon Schull on exploring new ways of encouraging real-time online collaboration.[1]

As of 2011, Resig has worked as an application developer at Khan Academy.[9] Previously, he was a JavaScript tool developer for the Mozilla Corporation. For his work on jQuery, he was inducted into the Rochester Institute of Technology's Innovation Hall of Fame[1] on April 30, 2010.[1]

Software projects


Resig has started or contributed to many JavaScript libraries, including:

Resig is a frequent guest speaker at companies like Google and Yahoo! and has presented at many conferences related to web technology, including SXSW,[20] Webstock,[21] MIX, and Tech4Africa.[22]



Resig is the author of a blog,[23] and is the author of the book Pro JavaScript Techniques, published by Apress in 2006,[4][24] Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja with Bear Bibeault, published by Manning Publications in December 2012[3] and several other papers.[7]


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