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John Rey Tiangco
21st Mayor of Navotas
Assumed office
June 30, 2010
Preceded by Toby Tiangco
Personal details
Born (1972-11-21) November 21, 1972 (age 45)
Political party United Nationalist Alliance, Partido Navoteño (2010-present)
Spouse(s) Barbie Tiangco (nee Pardo)[1]
Occupation Politician

John Reynald Marcelo Tiangco, popularly known as John Rey Tiangco, is the incumbent Mayor of the City of Navotas Navotas.

Tiangco is a member of the United Nationalist Alliance, and the Partido Navoteño, the local party of UNA in Navotas City.[2]

His career as the Mayor of the City of Navotas was praised as a 'fresh brand of public service'. Tiangco is known for his excellent service as a Mayor, giving all his commitment to the residents of the city. His administration was praised and many are satisfied by his performance as the Mayor of the City of Navotas.[3]

He was born in November 21, 1972 and the younger brother of then City Mayor and now Congressman Toby Tiangco. [4]

Mayor of Navotas (2010-present)[edit]

Tiangco ran for the mayoral position during the 2010 elections together with his brother, then Mayor, Toby Tiangco. They both ran unopposed under Partido Navoteño, the local party of UNA in Navotas City. He assumed office in June 30, 2010 after then Mayor, Toby Tiangco finished his three consecutive term. Through dedication and passion when it comes to public service, the Tiangco brothers still gained the trust of the Navoteños. [5][6]

He ran again for re-election on the 2013 and 2016 elections under still, with Partido Navoteno. He won via landslide garnering a margin of 31,000 votes and won the 2016 elections by running unopposed.[2][7]

With one heart for the people, their partnership and cooperation paved way for grander projects for their constituents.[3]

With the help and assistance of his brother, they revealed that they will build the first public hospital in the city, the construction is ongoing and the residents are excited for the hospital to be in business, Tiangco made several housing projects for the residents and others were high buildings, dedicated to the homeless residents who is affected by natural occurrences., he also established more pumping stations, which is an answer to the flooding and calamity problems of the city of Navotas and to help residents in the city, The pumping stations are intended to supply and address the problem in the city, mostly of the stations were effective and helpful to the residents of the city of Navotas.[3]

Tiangco said that he will continue his advocacy to provide basic services within the residents of the city, by giving attention in giving appropriate jobs, modern houses, providing a neat environment, and public health systems on his second term, he was very thankful to this residents for they support for his candidacy as the mayor of the city of Navotas, he also plead to the residents of the city of Navotas to help him for his projects, ideas, advocacies and for giving the best for them to achieve their collective goal.[2]



Mayor John Rey Tiangco has been focused in combating crimes and drugs, alleviating education status of the youth, and raising the quality of health service in Navotas.

Navotas continuously held its sports camp during summer to help the youth realize their true potential when it comes to sports. The Takbo ni Juan, Para sa Iskolar ng Bayan has been a huge success with Mayor John Rey Tiangco personally donating 500,000 pesos for the bright future of the youth of Navotas.


Mayor John Rey Tiangco prioritizes the welfare of the Navotenos and look after their every needs. After months of waiting, the Navotaas Residences in Barangay San Roque was finally finished and up for relocation. The Navotas Socialized Site (Navotaas Homes) in Barangay Tanza and NHA Relocation Site in Bulacan was already available for Navotenos who want an in-city (Tanza) and off-city (Bulacan) relocation. Several buildings were constructed in Navotaas Homes such as the day care center donated by Are You Ready Foundation and Volunteers' Multi-Purpose Hall from BDO Corporation.

Programs regarding business were very successful as 1,000 people participated in the very 1st Youth Entrepreneurship Summit and 1st Women Entrepreneurship Summit. 2,004 Navoteños were able to find jobs on the annual Mega Job Fair spearheaded by the Navotas Hanapbuhay Center.

Health centers were also renovated for the sake of Navoteños and women were able to avail free pap-smears to ensure their well-being.

The very first Computer Outreach Learning program was launched together with 4 COOL Mobiles that roves around Navotas to teach students and citizens basic knowledge and skills on computers. Kindergarten-on-Wheels was also launched in 2012 to pave way for kindergartens who cannot attend proper schooling.

The One Stop Health Benefits Booth was installed in Navotas City Hall Lobby where Navoteños can apply and claim Navotas Hospitalization Program green cards.

Moreover, 26 pumping stations were built to ensure that Navotas City will be flood-free.

And not but not the least, Takbo ni Juan, Para sa Iskolar ng Bayan has been successful again after around 2,000 participants showed their support for the scholars of Navotas City.


Navotas City received the Seal of Good Housekeeping from the Department of the Interior and Local Government in 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2015. During those years the City Government of Navotas, headed by the City Mayor John Reynald Tiangco, received support funds from DILG. In 2011 and 2012, the city received 20 million pesos support fund,



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