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John Louis Richardson
John Louis Richardson (Drummer) at Indy
John Louis Richardson in his Drum Farm Studio in Wisconsin in 2010.
Background information
Birth name John Louis Richardson
Born (1964-05-13) May 13, 1964 (age 53)
Champaign, Illinois
Origin Champaign, Illinois
Genres Rock, power pop, country
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Drums, percussion
Years active 1980–present
Associated acts Will Hoge
Gin Blossoms
Tommy Keene
Adam Schmitt
Notable instruments
Maple Works Drums, Paiste Cymbals

John Louis Richardson (born May 13, 1964) is an American drummer who has worked in rock and alt-country with such artists as 2012 CMA Song of the Year nominee Will Hoge, Gin Blossoms, Badfinger and Wilco guitarist Jay Bennett. He is also owner of Drum Farm Studio in Menomonie, Wisconsin.


Early career[edit]

Born in Champaign, Illinois, John Louis Richardson started his professional career in 1980 with seminal Champaign-Urbana band The Martyrs. John was a founding member, along with fellow high school friends Kent Whitesell, Chris Bowe and Charles Andrews.[1] The Martyrs reunited in 2010 for the re-release of their eponymous first album (originally released in 1983) and two live shows at the High Dive in Champaign, Illinois, on January 21 and 22, 2011.[2] He also played in Champaign-Urbana bands Nix86 and The Vertebrats.

Tommy Keene[edit]

On the release of Tommy Keene's Based on Happy Times in 1989,[3] Richardson was recruited to play drums for the subsequent tour (along with Brad Quinn on bass) opening for The Replacements. He played on all Tommy Keene's following albums and tours from 1992 to 2009.

Joey Molland of Badfinger[edit]

Richardson was tagged to play drums for Joey Molland (Badfinger) in 1990. He has toured the US, Canada and Europe with Molland/Badfinger and played drums on Molland's solo album, The Pilgrim, released in 1992.

Gin Blossoms[edit]

From 2008 to 2012, Richardson played drums for the Gin Blossoms, touring all over the world and recording on their 2010 album, No Chocolate Cake. The band announced on its website on March 4, 2012, that Richardson had left the band to pursue other recording and performing projects.[4] The band stated in its news release, "John is a great drummer and all of us support his passion for recording. We all wish him the very best and thank him for all his hard work and dedication."

Will Hoge[edit]

Richardson played with Will Hoge in 2012, touring across the US and playing the venerable Ryman Auditorium for the Grand Ole Opry.



Richardson has toured with many artists, including Will Hoge, Gin Blossoms, Badfinger, Tommy Keene, Shoes, Catchpenny, Adam Schmitt, Garrison Starr, Tim Easton, The Bad Examples, Ralph's World, Three Hour Tour, Weird Summer and the Bay City Rollers. He has toured throughout the United States and in Canada, Japan, England, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, The Philippines, Brazil, Kuwait, Iraq, El Salvador and Honduras.


In the studio, he has played drums for Gin Blossoms, Joey Molland (Badfinger), Paul Chastain (Velvet Crush, Matthew Sweet), Tommy Keene, Shoes, Adam Schmitt, Keene Brothers (Robert Pollard and Tommy Keene), Garrison Starr, Robynn Ragland, The Bad Examples, Three Hour Tour, Weird Summer, Jay Bennett (Wilco), Billy Davis (Foghat), Randy Forte & the Reconstruction and The Dygmies.

He has worked with producers Jonathan Pines, Adam Schmitt and Mark Rubel (Champaign); Ken Coomer formerly of Wilco and Uncle Tupelo, Tom Bukovac and Joe Baldridge (Nashville); R Walt Vincent and Danny Wilde of The Rembrandts (Los Angeles); Otto D'Agnolo (Phoenix); Willie Wells [1] (Woodstock, New York); and Jeff Murphy of Shoes (Chicago).

Fellow musicians[edit]

Richardson has performed and/or recorded with musicians including Tom Bukovac, Audley Freed (Black Crowes), John Lancaster (Gary Allan), David LaBruyere (John Mayer), Brad Rice (Keith Urban), Brad Jones (Matthew Sweet, Tommy Keene), Ethan Pilzer (Billy Joe Shaver, Jewel, Big & Rich, Jay Bennett (Wilco) and Paul Chastain (Velvet Crush, Matthew Sweet).


Television appearances[edit]

Richardson has performed on Fox News All-American New Year's Eve and Twelve News Phoenix – Downtown Goes Live (with Gin Blossoms), Late Night with Conan O'Brien (with Tommy Keene), WGN News (with Shoes and WGN Morning News (with Ralph's World).


Richardson is currently sponsored by Maple Works Drums,[5] Evans Drumheads, Paiste Cymbals,[6] Vic Firth,[7] Groove Juice,[8] Slug Percussion,[9] Heritage Cajon and Alien Ears.


Albums and EPs[edit]

  • 1983: The Martyrs, The Martyrs (drummer)
  • 1991: World So Bright, Adam Schmitt (drummer)
  • 1992: The Pilgrim, Joey Molland (drummer)
  • 1992: Sleeping on a Roller Coaster, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 1993: Yellow Pills: Best of American Pop 1, Tommy Keene and Adam Schmitt (drummer)
  • 1993: Illiterature, Adam Schmitt (drummer)
  • 1993: The Real Underground, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 1994: Driving into The Sun, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 1995: Fret Buzz, Shoes (drummer)
  • 1995: Tore a Hole, Shoes (drummer)
  • 1996: Day One, Figurehead (drummer)
  • 1996: 1969, Three Hour Tour (drummer)
  • 1996: Ten Years After, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 1996: Better Off at Home, Bludgers (drummer)
  • 1996: Their Titanic Majesty's Request, Titanic Love Affair (Jay Bennett) (drummer)
  • 1997: The Nerk Twins, (Jeff Murphy) (drummer)
  • 1997: Race to Mars, The Dygmies (drummer)
  • 1998: Isolation Party, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 1999: Incarnata Mysterica, Weird Summer (drummer)
  • 2000: Paragraph Thirteen, Robynn Ragland (drummer)
  • 2000: Modern American Female Gut, Robynn Ragland (drummer)
  • 2001: Demolition, Adam Schmitt (drummer)
  • 2001: The Palace at 4am, Part I Jay Bennett & Edward Burch (drummer)
  • 2001: Showtunes, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 2002: Chemistry, The Dygmies (drummer)
  • 2002: The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (album), Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 2003: Modern American Female Gut, Robynn Ragland (drummer)
  • 2004: Drowning—A Tommy Keene Miscellany, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 2006: Crashing the Ether, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 2006: Blues & Boogie Shoes, The Keene Brothers (Robert Pollard and Tommy Keene) (drummer)
  • 2007: B Side Oblivion, Three Hour Tour (drummer)
  • 2008: I.S.O. (In Search Of), Weird Summer (drummer)
  • 2009: In The Late Bright, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 2010: Looking For Tomorrow, Three Hour Tour (drummer)
  • 2010: Never The First To Jump, David G. Moore (drummer)
  • 2010: The Martyrs Remixed and Remastered, The Martyrs (drummer)
  • 2010: No Chocolate Cake, Gin Blossoms (drummer)
  • 2010: Tommy Keene You Hear Me: A Retrospective 1983–2009, Tommy Keene (drummer)
  • 2011: Wonder Falling Under, Randy Forte and the Reconstruction (drummer)
  • 2011: Three, Catchpenny (drummer)
  • 2012: Ignition, Shoes (drummer)
  • 2012: 11 Steps From Where You Are, Randy Forte and the Reconstruction (drummer)
  • 2013: The New Romantic, Randy Forte (drummer)
  • 2014: The Negative Space, Whale House (producer)
  • 2014: Crazy Good, Rhythm Kings (drummer, producer)
  • 2014: Hot and Cold, War Poets (drummer, producer)
  • 2014: Young Boy, Yata (drummer, producer)
  • 2014: American Police States, War Poets (drummer)
  • 2014: Get the Paint out of the Bucket, Johnny Lynch (drummer, producer)
  • 2014: This Old Town, Biesterveld(drummer, producer)
  • 2015: Fish Out of Water, Diverida (drummer, producer)
  • 2015: High Tide Adventures, David Moore (drummer, producer)
  • 2015: Toast!, Paris Landing(drummer)
  • 2015: Small World, Andy Lund (drummer)
  • 2015: Primal Vinyl LP, Shoes (drummer)


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