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John Lucas
John Robert Lucas (1985).jpg
Born John Robert Lucas
(1961-10-07) October 7, 1961 (age 55)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Residence Elkin, NC
Nationality United States American
Occupation Senior Business Consultant
Project Manager
Employer Teradata
Known for Temple Builders Ministry
Spouse(s) Donna Lucas
Children Jeremy Lucas
Jenna Lucas
Joy Lucas
Julianna Lucas

John Robert Lucas (born October 7, 1961) is an American author and minister, most famous for his series of "Temple Builder" books, as well as his web site

Temple Builders[edit]

John Lucas's ministry was conceived in 1985 during a study of ministry in the Bible when he says God called him to be a "Temple Builder." One year later, while studying at New Life Bible College, God called him to write the Temple Builders book.[1]

After an extensive off-and-on writing and editing process, Lucas self-published the first in a series of Temple Builders books in 2004 using the publishing house he currently manages, "Shofar Publishing." [2] The book, "Temple Builders: The High Calling" was released 19 years after the idea was originally conceived.

Originally starting on a Bulletin board system in 1991, Lucas created the web site, in 1996. The purpose of the site was to promote the eventual book and to receive feedback on drafts from his web audience, much of which was incorporated into the final drafts of his books.[3]

The website also provided other Christian resource materials, including maps of Israel, and a study of the Tabernacle of Moses. The site still maintains the active following of several thousand people from around the world.

In 2011, Lucas launched the sister site "Temple Builders Ministries" as part of a renewed approach to take to the ministry. The site featured integration into WordPress, in addition to social media. The site also expanded the previous site's initiative to feature prophetic worship artists, which is partly influenced by MorningStar Ministries.[4]

Doctrine & Teaching[edit]

His ministry is aligned with Evangelicalism, but also accepts beliefs of spiritual gifts.[5] Common themes for his messages include the Christian journey & growth. Lucas often uses creative illustrations to get across these points and concepts. He also initiates deep studies into certain Biblical stories, such as Job. Lucas' focuses heavily on the topic of Christian suffering and affliction in his Temple Builders: The High Calling book, using largely metaphorical analogies and symbolism. The Temple of Solomon and Tabernacle of Moses analogies are prevalent within much of the book.[6]


Lucas' most recent articles are controversial in most evangelical circles, and are not mainstream Christian thought. In his recent articles, Lucas' applies career analogies to Christian principles and methods, but depart from current church paradigms and practices. Articles such as Spiritual Structure counter the normal Christian church leadership structure and service ceremony. These teachings are generally not accepted by most church leadership. In addition, Lucas' article on Thought Leadership in the Pulpit criticizes the Finished Work and Grace message that is popular in many Charismatic Evangelical circles, yet Lucas' professes to be a type of Finished Work minister.[7]


Lucas has been influenced in his teachings and ministry by Christian authors like George Warnock, Watchman Nee and Kelley Varner.[8]


Temple Builders Series[edit]

  • Temple Builders: The High Calling (2004), ISBN 0-9743702-0-7
  • Temple Builders: A Higher Wisdom (TBA)
  • Temple Builders: The Final Push to the Summit (TBA)[9]


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