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John Rogers
Occupation writer
Notable work Leverage, The Core, Jackie Chan Adventures

John Rogers is a screenwriter, comedian, film producer, and comic book writer.

Early life and education[edit]

Rogers was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and attended McGill University in Montreal. While at McGill, he wrote for the school's comedy magazine The Red Herring.


Rogers wrote the first draft of the script for the live-action movie Transformers, released in 2007.[1] He wrote an early screenplay for Catwoman and created the cartoon series Jackie Chan Adventures. He also co-wrote the science fiction adventure film The Core. In 2004 Rogers wrote and executive-produced a television pilot based on the graphic novel Global Frequency. Although the pilot was never aired on network television, it was leaked onto the internet and accrued an international fan base[citation needed]. He created and served as executive producer for the TNT television series Leverage, which ran for five seasons from 2008 to 2012.

Apart from his work in movies and television, Rogers has also worked in the comic book industry. In March 2006, he co-created the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, in the relaunch of the Blue Beetle comic book for DC Comics with plotter Keith Giffen and artist Cully Hamner. He has also written comics for BOOM! Studios. Rogers' stories are included in BOOM!'s Zombie Tales, Cthulhu Tales, Pirate Tales and What Were They Thinking? anthologies. Rogers currently writes the Dungeons & Dragons comic series for IDW Publishing.[2]

Rogers has also worked on role-playing games, and is the author of Feywild chapter of the 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons, Manual of the Planes (2008).[3]


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